Thursday, February 5, 2015


A few weeks ago, I sat down and made some goals for this first month of the year. Some of them, I met, others will get moved over to February.

January was a fun and full month. I relaxed more than I have in... ever. We got some things done at home, had some fun dates with my husband, and had lots of family fun. It was a great month!

Now, for a recap of January's goals and a few other notes from last month.

one | Go through my clothes and donate what I don't wear anymore.

Nope. This didn't happen. I had good intentions of starting this a few times each weekend, but things like movie dates won.

two | Run 80 miles.
I don't think I ran 80 miles this last month. Y'all know I don't run high mileage typically, but I try to run around 20 miles each week. I haven't added my miles up for last month, but I think I'm 5-10 off.

three | Put my phone down more.
I was successful with this. It's so nice not looking at my phone because my mind is over stimulated and doesn't know how to stop.

four | Read two books.
Done! I read two and almost finished a third.

I read Wild and 41 and started Amy Poehler's Yes Please


I also started a new study with a few girls. It's called Keep It Shut. We're really enjoying it and following along with Proverbs31 Ministries.

five | No unnecessary spending.

Check! I did good on this one. I don't think I bought one thing (food included) that we didn't need which is a huge deal for me.

six | Try one new recipe.

I tried a few new recipes this month, both from the Pioneer Woman.

Sunday Night Stew was great and we ate it on a Sunday night. 
I also made Chicken Mozzerella Pasta. I kept my chicken and sauce separate since my husband isn't crazy about really tomatoey things, but this "doctored up" sauce was out of the world!

seven | Go see a movie.

We saw two! We went to see Mockingjay: Part 1 and American Sniper. Here's a condensed version of my thoughts on each.

Mockingjay: Part 1 - I felt like this would've been better if it was combined with part 2. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but it's obvious it was building to part 2.

American Sniper - No words. No words. Regardless of how you feel politically and about the war, you should see this movie. I left feeling so much more grateful for our heroes. And if we hadn't been going to eat after the movie, I would have bawled uncontrollably and I'm not a crier.

eight | Have one play date for the kids.

Done! The boys got to play with their best friend Liam and his little sister. They had a blast!

nine | Start on new photo books.

This didn't exactly happen either. I'm going to do it in February.

ten | Backup all photos on our hard drive.

And that's a big fat no. I'll get it done this month though!

Now, for a few other things from the month.

K.C.'s basketball season is well underway. He is having a blast playing! He even got his first foul last weekend!

Kaden celebrated his 100th day in kindergarten (K.C. had 100 days too, but they didn't do too much in second grade.) He took in 100 Twizzler bites.

I played basketball with my husband. I'm glad Santa decided to bring the boys a goal.

I won the first Grand Prix of running in my area. I was pretty excited!

Remember how I said we relaxed in January? We did. And I may have gotten hooked on a show I said I wouldn't ever watch. The Bachelor. Whitney is my favorite.

We did a few science experiments.

 And celebrated Stephanie's 20th birthday.

Kevin finished a fishing rod holder for the garage.

And I ran and won two races - Legwarmers for Literacy and the Polar Bear 5K.

It was a good month! I'm looking forward to all February has to offer!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VALENTINE'S DAY PRETTIES | A gift guide of sorts

I got an email this morning from an old colleague about the best chocolates in the world. It was a reminder about Valentine's Day. It made me start thinking about the upcoming holiday (and chocolate). I'm generally not a huge "I want this!" kind of girl, but that email and my husband asking me what I'd like for the holiday made me think about some things that might be nice to have.

I enjoy Valentine's Day because it's fun to think of something sweet and unique to give my husband. I like to reminisce about our love story, too. (Cue the sappy music.) I'm very thankful, though, that our love for each other is demonstrated every day and I don't need a special day to remember that. That said, I do love the romance and fun that comes with this set-aside day to celebrate the one I love!

I'm not a huge things person; I'd rather get a really sweet card and and an experience (I'm all about that.) I'd plan something fun to do together like a concert, dinner and a movie, or a couples massage. (Don't worry, I take care of that one for every occasion - it's become a joke in our house that I get a gift every time there's something, including my husband's birthday, to celebrate because I always get him a gift certificate for a couple's massage!) But, if I have to make a list of "things" I'd like, here are a few ideas.

I've started wearing a lot more gold jewelry than I have in the past and I don't have a gold watch. I got a nice silver watch for our first anniversary and have a tortoiseshell I wear from time to time, but I don't have a gold watch. I like wearing a watch to work because I like to know what time it is, especially when I'm sitting in a long meeting (I don't like to take my cell phone in most meetings).

Another sweet gift would be a photo book of you and your Valentine. I'm the queen of making photo books and a nice small one with photos of my Valentine and I would be treasured forever. Blurb is currently running a 20% off promotion.

I also need a new makeup bag. My old freebie bag from Clinique has seen better days. We gave my sister a cute Scout bag for her birthday and I rather liked it for myself.

A box full of love notes and chocolate is always welcome, too.

But really, the greatest gift (as cliche as it sounds) is getting to have my Valentine everyday for life.

What's on your Valentine wish list?