Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day 2015

It's been a long time, blog world! Between life, work, and some vacations, I haven't taken (or really, had) the time to write much. I want to get back to it because I really enjoy it, so what better way than recapping Father's Day.

We had a great Sunday celebrating our favorite dad's! My SIL hosted Father's Day at her house and we chose an Italian theme simply because we knew the men wouldn't help with it! We spent the afternoon and most of the night swimming. It was great!

Every year, I try to ask the boys what they love most about Kevin. Here are their responses from this year:

K.C. - 7
1. He plays the race car game with me.
2. He plays baseball and soccer with me and we play football in the backyard.
3. He loves me.
4. He gives good hugs.
5. He takes me places.
6. He takes me fishing.
7. He tells good stories.

Kaden - 6
1. He's my dad.
2. He's very nice.
3. He plays with me.
4. He's funny.
5. He gives good hugs.
6. He tickles me.
7. He gives good snuggles.

Kevin is a great dad! When I thought of all the qualities I wanted in a father for my children, I thought of Kevin. He is all those things and so much more. I'm so thankful the boys have his example to follow (and I'm glad he's mine!)!

For Father's Day, we gave him a Garmin running watch. He doesn't talk about it too much, but he's started running a few miles at a time every other day or so. He's been using my Garmin if he goes out when I'm not running, so I thought he'd enjoy having his own. We also gave him a few other things and some new running shoes. 

Kevin and I are blessed to have really great dads, too.

Many of my childhood memories revolve around time with my dad. He always made everything fun and did so many active things with me. I can't recall many of our conversations, but I loved to just ride around with him. He always jumped waves, rode bikes, and played ball with me, too. I'm thankful for the person he is. His love and actions have molded and shaped me into the woman I am today!

I'm also thankful for my awesome FIL who took me in as one of his own immediately. He is such a special person and we're blessed that he is ours.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

I know I'm way behind the ball on posts, but a little at a time is better than none at all, right?

It's no secret that everyone says being a mother makes life so much more meaningful, worry-filled, full, joyful, and every other adjective you'd like to include. That is certainly true in my case.

I feel so blessed to have been entrusted as a mama to these precious boys. I pray for guidance and wisdom in raising them every day. I can't do it on my own. As a friend told me earlier this week, you just have to trust Jesus to fill in their lives. There are only so many things we as parents can do for our children to lead them, guide them, direct them, and protect them. 

As parents, it's our charge to raise them to the best of our abilities and to trust that they will allow God to take hold of their lives. As much as I wish I could be with them every second (Kaden wishes I could go to kindergarten with him), it's just not possible.

I'm so proud of the young boys they're becoming. They fill our hearts and lives with immense joy every day. It is such a blessing to be their mama!

All three of my boys spoiled me for Mother's Day. We went out to dinner to celebrate one night and when we got home, they boys gave me strict instructions to sit on the rug in our den and to close my eyes. They came running out full of excitement. They painted canvases for me. K.C. told me on the way home from dinner that the gifts they had were going to be the most special gifts I've gotten besides them! And it's true. I love them! And I love how my sweet husband knew that this would be something I would treasure forever (despite his deep love - haha - of art projects). Kaden said he thought he'd do some straight, colorful lines because he knew I'd like them while K.C. expressed that he used all the skills he'd learned in art for his painting. I also got two new pairs of earrings which I love, but those paintings are something extra special.

Going to church with my boys on Mother's Day 2015.