Wednesday, January 28, 2015

VALENTINE'S DAY PRETTIES | A gift guide of sorts

I got an email this morning from an old colleague about the best chocolates in the world. It was a reminder about Valentine's Day. It made me start thinking about the upcoming holiday (and chocolate). I'm generally not a huge "I want this!" kind of girl, but that email and my husband asking me what I'd like for the holiday made me think about some things that might be nice to have.

I enjoy Valentine's Day because it's fun to think of something sweet and unique to give my husband. I like to reminisce about our love story, too. (Cue the sappy music.) I'm very thankful, though, that our love for each other is demonstrated every day and I don't need a special day to remember that. That said, I do love the romance and fun that comes with this set-aside day to celebrate the one I love!

I'm not a huge things person; I'd rather get a really sweet card and and an experience (I'm all about that.) I'd plan something fun to do together like a concert, dinner and a movie, or a couples massage. (Don't worry, I take care of that one for every occasion - it's become a joke in our house that I get a gift every time there's something, including my husband's birthday, to celebrate because I always get him a gift certificate for a couple's massage!) But, if I have to make a list of "things" I'd like, here are a few ideas.

I've started wearing a lot more gold jewelry than I have in the past and I don't have a gold watch. I got a nice silver watch for our first anniversary and have a tortoiseshell I wear from time to time, but I don't have a gold watch. I like wearing a watch to work because I like to know what time it is, especially when I'm sitting in a long meeting (I don't like to take my cell phone in most meetings).

Another sweet gift would be a photo book of you and your Valentine. I'm the queen of making photo books and a nice small one with photos of my Valentine and I would be treasured forever. Blurb is currently running a 20% off promotion.

I also need a new makeup bag. My old freebie bag from Clinique has seen better days. We gave my sister a cute Scout bag for her birthday and I rather liked it for myself.

A box full of love notes and chocolate is always welcome, too.

But really, the greatest gift (as cliche as it sounds) is getting to have my Valentine everyday for life.

What's on your Valentine wish list?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Our family had an athletic Saturday morning. K.C. is playing basketball and loving it and had his third game and I had a trail run. I really, really hate missing anything the boys do unless it's out of my control (and I still hate it; thankfully, that's rare), so I went to the game and watched as much of it as I could. He did a great job! He's so cute out there playing. He's the smallest kid, but he finds the biggest one to guard. He says it's because he knows that's who will get the ball more and he wants to be there.

I hadn't signed up for the race I ran in advance because the weather was horrible. I've run a few races in the rain, but I wasn't really feeling it on Saturday. When I got up, it had stopped raining and knowing I won't race again until March, I decided I'd go.

This course is a great trail course and slightly longer than a 5K. It's closer to 3.4 or so. There's a huge hill in it we all talk about which makes for a fun climb in the last mile. With the trail muddy and wet, I decided not to push too hard and just enjoy the run. I felt like I was going really slow, especially on the last mile after almost slipping on the hill and not knowing for sure which way to turn at the end (a few runners ended up going the wrong way and running 4.25 before making it back).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my time was only one second slower than last year (23:04). I was the first female and 4th overall. When I see that time, I want to screech because it's three or more minutes slower than my road 5K, but then I remember that it's not only a trail, but a long trail, and all is right in the world again.

After the race, Kevin and I had lunch (salads at home - I'm still on a salad kick) and then my MIL and I went to a bridal shower. I didn't take my phone in, but I wish I had. Just imagine two long tables full of every kind of cake imaginable. It was great!

Later that afternoon, we went to see American Sniper. I could write a whole post on that movie. Regardless of how you feel politically, you should, as an American, see this movie. If we hadn't been going to eat after the movie, I think I would've balled. I'm so thankful for all the men and women who put their lives on the line for us.

We ended the weekend with a fun day on Sunday. After church and lunch, we wrapped gifts and got things ready for the week before the boys got home. It was my sister's 20th birthday, so we went out to dinner with our family to celebrate and then had cake and ice cream at our house.

How was your weekend?

Do you eat popcorn/candy at the movies?