the first one

The first of everything is the hardest.  That certainly holds true for the first blog post.  I mean, it is your "debut" into the world of blogging.  It's kind of like a first date.  You want to look your best, say the right things and let your best self shine through because you mightactuallyliketheguyandwanthimtocallyouback even though you tell yourself it's no big deal.  So in honor of that "no big deal" thing we all tell ourselves, I'm just going to dig right in.

I like to write.  I like to think about things.  I like to grow.  So now I'm blogging.  This is a place for me to write about the things I'm learning, care about and want to remember.  A place where I can, hopefully, see the things Jesus is teaching me.

For the past eight or ten years I have felt this strong desire that I'm supposed to help people.  I have a particular soft spot in my heart for young girls.  Maybe it's because I have a younger sister and I've listened to the things she's asked about and the advice she's sought.  It could be because I've seen enough movies to understand (finally) that life is not a wrapped up Blockbuster movie and I want others to see how much sweeter real life is than Hollywood's take on it.  Or, maybe it's because I've gone through some things I didn't ever imagine I would ever go through.  Things that I wouldn't change at all because of the blessings and growth that have come from the dark days.  I think it's all of the above and so much more I may not ever know.  Regardless, I want to share, reflect and learn.

No matter how you've found this page, I hope it encourages you, causes you to think, and draws you closer to the Source of Life.  Here's to the first one.