A lazy weekend

I'm usually not too good at being lazy, but this weekend was different.  I was "lazy" and relaxed all day.  It was nice.  We're usually on the go and have things we want to get done (which I absolutely love because if there's anything I dislike more than being lazy, it's being bored) so having a day with nothing planned was different, but fun.  

We spent most of the day Saturday lounging around inside and out playing with the boys. I think they enjoyed it, too.  We built Lincoln Log houses, tracks for our trains, played in the sandbox, and walked in the woods.  After a full day of fun, we went to eat Mexican and finished the night watching Cars.  I finally know what the cars are all about!  It was such a cute movie!  

Yesterday, we took a ride in the Gator to the "river."  KT caught some crawfish for the boys.  They love them!  Growing up with a sister and girl cousins, I haven't had much experience with bugs.  Sure, I loved to play outside and my cousin and I fished in the ditch for leaves, but you wouldn't ever find me catching anything other than butterflies and the occasional mini frog (that's what we dubbed the small tree frogs we'd find at my grandma's house).  Fast forward to the present and I not only touch bugs, but actually caught a lizard. Yes, I am the same person who has always been terrified of those slick little green things, but there's something that changes when you have two big blue and two big brown eyes looking up at you with smiles on their faces asking you to "catch that lizard!"  

Life is good even if it's buggier than I imagined!  :)