My Favorite Kind of Weekend

(I'm late on posting this, so we'll call it: "My Favorite Kind of Weekend x 2!"

This weekend was great!  Not that every day and weekend isn't great already, but this weekend was one of those where I went "ahh... this is life."

Friday, the boys got to play with two of their cousins most of the night.  I wish I had some pictures of the kids playing together, but I don't.  K.C. and Kaden were so sweet with Baby Mia.  They shared their cars, trucks, and even liked to feed her.

On Saturday, Madeline and I ran the first Ebenezer Run for Missions.  It was a cold morning, but we had a great time.  I was so proud of Madeline for running her first run, ever!  She did great!  I was a little disappointed in my time though.  I was about two minutes slower than I usually am.  I know the overpass and this yucky cold that's lingering didn't help, but I really wanted to finish about two minutes faster than I did.  I finished second in my age group and eighth overall, so it wasn't bad at all, plus, it was for a great cause!  At church yesterday, it was announced that the run raised about $4,500 for the youth!

Saturday afternoon brought more fun of the the boys getting to play with their cousins.  K.C. and I made his Valentine's cards and treats for his class, too.  It was so cute watching him pick out the cards and the color slinky he wanted to give to each of his friends and having him help fix the bags.  Both of the boys are so giving!

On Saturday night, KT and I went to the Sweetheart Dinner at church.  It was great.  The food was good, especially the second salad I tried, and the drama Meredith wrote and some of the youth performed was great!  There was also a "game" with married couples from each Sunday School class.  They were asked to hold up the shoe of the spouse that fit the question being asked.  KT and I agreed that we probably would've gotten most of them right.  And we're not even married.  I'd say that's a good thing.  :)

We picked up the boys after church on Sunday and had a great week!  On Monday, the boys surprised me with a beautiful dozen of red roses!  I loved them!  We had our family Valentine's celebration Tuesday night.  I think the boys loved their gifts from us, and I loved my bought (!) card from KT, it really was all about us, and all of my DVD's.  I'd have to say it was the best Valentine's Day ever.

This past weekend, the weather was perfect.  We spent most of Saturday outside playing.  We played soccer, threw balls, and had races.  It was great!  Weekends are the best!