We have a plum tree!

It's our very first plum tree!  I am a little excited.  Can you tell?  A few weeks ago, we were at KT's parents' and his dad was telling us about the grape vines he ordered.  A light bulb went off.  We need to grow some fruit!  Fast forward to Sunday and we're eating lunch after church and the plum tree comes up.  I mayhavementionedagain how we want a plum tree.  Home Depot, conveniently located like ten seconds from the restaurant, has plum trees.  KT and his dad picked out a good one and we went home and planted it.  By we I mean KT.  I watched and took some pictures.  For the scrapbook.  I think the boys were excited to see our new tree, too.  I'm looking forward to having some plums next year!  They'll go well with the blueberries and the soon to be planted grapevines.  What do you think about kiwi next? :)