Another Fabulous Weekend and the Week Ahead

I think my Monday posts could really just be a repeat of each other because each week, I write about our great weekends.  It's true though.  Our weekends are great and our family is so special and blessed!

We had some storms and hail decide to visit us Friday night, so we didn't have t-ball.  Instead, we went to the Town House for supper and played at home.  

Saturday was packed full of fun!  I went out for a run and ended up doing a 10K faster than my race last weekend.  I was proud of myself and worked hard at not psyching myself out.  I have a long way to go on that, but I did better.  KT made us the best omelet I've ever had and I officially declare him the omelet making king.  They were so good!  Ham, onions, pepperoni, and cheese.  I'm wondering why he's been hiding this skill from me!  After breakfast, we played and got ready to go over to Meredith's after our Chickfila lunch.  (We almost always eat Chickfila on Saturdays so we don't crave it on Sunday!)

We spent Saturday afternoon at Meredith and Scott's.  The boys had fun playing with their cousins.  I enjoyed watching them play around the pool while sitting with my KT and the rest of the family just talking.  I'm so glad that we are all close and get along so well.  I know we're lucky/blessed!

After playing, we went fishing again with Brian.  This time, the boat worked, and we spent a few hours on the water.  Unfortunately for us, we didn't catch any fish, but I think we'd all agree we had a good time being outside together.  I just love to be outside especially when I'm with my family and the weather is as good as it was.  

We had fun yesterday, too.  The boys were so good going into their class at church and said they had fun!  After church, we went to Red Bowl and then to Kevin's parents for the boys to play with Michaela who they each call their best friend!

Yesterday afternoon and last night, KT and I just enjoyed relaxing together.  We got to level four on Mario World, ate at Five Guys with our Chickfila sauce for the Cajun fries, walked around the neighborhood, and relaxed together.  It was great!  I love being able to unwind with him and just walk and talk and relax.  When we were talking about his upcoming softball season last night, we realized this is our first season of this league.  He said something like it feels like I've always been there, and I have to agree, it does.  

This week is full of fun: