Arrr, Matey!

On Sunday, we celebrated Kaden's third birthday with a fun-filled pirate treasure hunt party!  I think he had a blast and even told KT and me last night that he wanted to have another pirate party!

I had fun (maybe too much... I will be the first to admit that I do have the tendency to go overboard sometimes and I'm working on that) planning his party and getting everything together.  We decorated with red, blue, and black pom poms made out of tissue paper, pirate banners, and lots of balloons!


We started the party with a treasure hunt.  The kids searched for buried treasure in the flower beds and in the crab sandbox.  I think they loved it!  They found gold coins, pirate footballs and yo-yo's, and all sorts of jewels.

As it was Easter, we also had an Easter egg hunt.  Brian came over and hid eggs all over the backyard.  Some were filled with treats, while others were empty.  I wish I had a video of Kaden every time he opened an empty egg.  He would say, "there's nothing in it" with the saddest little face.

KT's dad cooked a delicious meal of barbecue chicken, green beans, potato salad, and rolls and my mom made a sausage and cheese dip for an appetizer.  We found the cutest cupcake papers and toppers at TJ Maxx that I used with funfetti cupcakes iced with red and blue icing.  Kaden asked for a chocolate cake with white icing, so that's what we had.

After we ate, Kaden was ready to open his gifts.  After opening about two, he was ready for cake!

Finally, we hung our treasure chest pinata and let the kids burst it open.  K.C. and Kaden were both determined to get it open and finally, they did - with Daddy's help!

It was a great night celebrating our favorite little 3 year old!