Running, Fishing, and Good Family Time Makes for a Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend!  Friday night, K.C. had his second t ball practice of the year.  He hit the ball so far and was great fielding, too!  I'm so proud of him!  Kaden couldn't let him have all the action by himself and ran out on the field to catch some, too.  It will be fun to see them play a sport on the same team!

On Saturday, I ran the first Race for Brighter Days 10K.  It was a trail race for a good cause.  It was my first 10K "race" (I'm not including the Bridge Run).  I knew with it being a trail, I'd have a slower time that my practice runs, and set a goal to finish in the top 5 and under 50 minutes.  I finished the race as the 3rd female overall and in 49:13!

I ran the first two miles at just over 7 minutes and slowed down from there.  I have this problem pysching myself out by mile 3.  There's no question that I can run 6.2 miles and I'm not even tired after a race which tells me I can run harder and faster, but I pysch myself out.  For the next 10K, I'm planning to wear my iPod and make a great playlist to motivate myself. 

Brian ran the 5K and finished first in his age group.  He got a medal and I got a gift certificate to Dick's!  KT deserves a medal, too!  He's so encouraging and is always right there with me when I do a race.  It's nice.  :)

On Saturday afternoon, we went fishing.  We didn't catch any fish although Kevin almost caught a huge bass four or five times!  K.C. did catch a turtle!  I think Kaden's favorite part was the snacks.  We had lots of goodies and boiled peanuts.

After fishing, we went out to get Mexican with Stephanie, Courtney, and Brian, capping off our fun Saturday!

Yesterday, Stephanie's youth group led the service at her church.  I went to it and was so proud of her!  She is such a great sister and person and I couldn't be more proud of the young woman she's becoming!