Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chickfila Leadercast

It should come as no surprise that I like love motivational/inspiration things.  Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a simulcast of Chick-fil-a's Leadercast.  It was awesome!  I left so inspired both personally and professionally.  From the moment it began, I knew I was going to love it.

There were so many awesome speakers who shared so much great wisdom.  I thought I'd recap the day by posting some of my favorite pieces of each speaker's presentation.

Andy Stanley - he was great.  One of my favorite speakers hands down.  I'm familiar with his dad (Charles Stanley), so I was really looking forward to hearing him.

  • Leaders/leadership is important because of uncertainty.
  • The three questions you should ask yourself when making a decision are:
    1. What would my replacement do?
    2. What would a great leader do?
    3. What story do I want to tell?  
    • I want my story to be that I invest in my family and I invest in my God.  God has blessed me tremendously and I owe Him so much thanksgiving and praise!
Marcus Buckingham - I hadn't heard of him before Leadercast, but I remember so many things he said and could really relate to his decision making style.  I can't wait to read StandOut!
  • He made choices because they felt right and authentic.  
  • Authenticity is your most precious commodity.
  • Most leadership is based on what we perceive to be the right and perfect way to do something.
  • The techniques of one leader are hard to transfer to another.  We have to find our voice and use it!
  • Our challenge is to take what is unique about ourselves and make it useful.
Angela Ahrendts - As the head of Burberry (I learned to pronounce it correctly and not the traditional "Bur-berry" my Southern accent prefers) for the past six years, she has lead by intuition and transformed the company into the 13th most innovative company in the world.  I loved her and her style.
  • Transformation will occur through trust led by intuition.
  • Vision is reinforced by values.
  • It's one thing to make a choice, but another to implement it.
  • You can't prove if something that hasn't been done before will be successful.
  • It's not how it started, it's how it ends.
Urban Meyer - The former Florida and current Ohio State football coach and Tim Tebow were interviewed together.  During his comments leading up to this interview, Meyer pointed out a few things that I think are worth mentioning.
  • You won't ever get time back with your kids.  Don't sacrifice their childhood year.  This is so true.
  • Priorities can cause us to change our decisions.
  • Maintaining balance in your life requires discipline.  
Tim Tebow - Like him or not, Tim Tebow is a great human being.  I respect him for so many reasons and enjoyed the chance to hear him speak Friday.  He shared many tidbits of wisdom I'll post below, but first, he inspired me to come up with my own personal mission statement.  He has one and I want one!
  • Leadership is the ability to influence someone else.
  • There is at least one person watching you that will follow and your choices can make an impact positively or negatively.
  • Character is when you do something with all that you've got with all of your might.
  • You have to put your team (family) above yourself.  If you can raise the level of other's effort/talent/character around you, you are officially a leader.
  • You need to work hard all the time and when you have the opportunity to step up, you'll be ready.
  • Don't worry about what you can't control!
  • Leaders always try to improve.

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