So You Want to Run: Favorite Gear

I'm back for Part 2 of the So You Want to Run series.  If you missed Part 1 on Friday about why I run, how to be a better runner, and how I train, you can check it out here.  Today is all about gear (and what girl doesn't like to shop even if it's for running gear)!

Just like the right outfit is crucial for the first date, job interview, or special occasion, the right gear is just as important for running.  I've worn many different brands of clothing and shoes and have tried my fair share of devices when it comes to determining my speed and distance.  Today, I'll share with you what I use (and have used) that works for me.

I have raved and raved about them, so don't expect me to stop now.  My favorite running shoes hands-down are Brooks.  I have run in Brooks for about a year, but they are by far my favorite shoe.  Currently, I'm running in PureCadence, which is a lightweight model but provides support for someone like me who overpronates.

Before my PureCadence, I ran in Brooks Adrenaline GTS.  These are great shoes.  The PureCadence is the lightweight complement to the GTS.  

If I've sold you on Brooks (or you want to compare your current shoe to Brooks), but you're not sure which shoe to purchase, I'd suggest you visit their site and go through the Shoe Advisor.  It's a great resource to help you get the shoe you need for your goals and type.

I am a devotee of Nike when it comes to running tops, but I've recently gotten some Reebok that I love equally.  I am a proponent of any type of dri-fit.  It makes me feel better.  Running outside in the sticky, muggy summer air makes dri-fit a necessity for me.  

Depending upon the length of the run, weather, and whether I'm outside or inside on the treadmill determines my top.  I own all of the tops listed below, but again, this is just what I like.

Nike Fast Pace Women's Running Tank Top
This is my new favorite tank.  I like feeling the air flow when I run in this very lightweight tank.

Nike Long Shaping Women's Running Sports Top
This tank has a built-in sports bra offering support.  I love this tank when It's not quite as hot outside.  It's also great as my bottom layer in the winter as it's fitted.  

Nike Miler Women's Running Shirt
This shirt is great for running anytime and for the gym.  If I'm doing a race and it's cooler, I like to wear one of these.

Nike Element Half-Zip Women's Running Top
I love this top for the winter.  The version I have has a hood on it which I like. 
I have a similar jacket that's Reebok and less heavy that is great, but I can't find it online unfortunately.

Reebok Women's PlayDry Core Run Tank
I bought two of these tanks recently and love them.  This shirt is the same quality as the Nike Fast Pace Running Tank, but cheeper.  This is a true tank unlike the Fast Pace which is more cut out (I like the Fast Pace best when it's really hot!).  

This one is easy for me.  I don't run in anything other than Nike Women's Tempo Track Shorts.  

Nike Women's Tempo Track Shorts

KT loves Puma socks and gave me some in my stocking at Christmas.  I am obsessed.  I won't run a long run or a race without running in them.  

Puma Women's Quarter Socks

KT gave me the Garmin Forerunner 110 watch for Valentine's Day.  I love it!  

Garmin Forerunner 110
Before this watch, I used the RunKeeper app on my iPhone.  While it's great, I much prefer my GPS watch.  This does not have the built in heart rate monitor, but did come with one to wear during your workout.  I don't use this and wouldn't recommend spending the extra money on having the built in heart monitor unless it's something you really think is necessary.

There you have it: favorite gear.  On Thursday, we'll talk about other exercise, nutrition, and my advice.  I'm also going to add another post on Friday about race day.