Milestones and a Fast Weekend!

This week is flying by!  I don't have much time to write, but wanted to do an update about the weekend and this week.

We had a great weekend!  On Friday night, I went to my sister's school to watch her get capped.  At her school, on Senior Night, the juniors are capped.  I was so proud of her.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear.  Friday was a milestone day with K.C. finishing 4K and Stephanie getting capped.

Saturday morning, I ran a 10K.  It was fun!  I had tired legs and had some tightness in one of my legs, so I wanted to finish it in 48:00.  I ended up finishing in 46:23 (7:29 pace)!  I was so proud of myself!  I wasn't prepared for the few hills on the course and stopped halfway through them on the way back to stretch my tight leg.  I ended up being the 2nd female overall!  I am still pumped!  

I always get excited when I get close to the finish line.  KT (and sometimes the boys) are always waiting for me.  I normally just go along at my leisure, but this Saturday I stepped it up about a quarter mile from the finish line.  KT always laughs with me that I don't look or feel tired after races which means I could push it more.  This time, I wanted to push it.  I'll have to try pushing it through a whole race one day!  

After doing somethings around the house we needed to do, I picked up lunch and stopped by a new bakery for a cupcake.  I told KT that I was going to treat myself to a cupcake if I won the race.  I didn't win, but it was close enough.  I wanted a salted caramel cupcake, but they didn't sell those on Saturday, so I ended up with half a dozen!  Here's the thing: I don't consider myself cheap, but I just can't stand spending $3 on a cupcake when I know I could make two dozen for the same price at home... and with the boys which is more fun.  

Thanks to our busy morning, we were beat and fell asleep for about two hours Saturday afternoon!  We went shopping and bought the boys some new clothes, drove through Chickfila for sandwiches, bought another fishing license for me, and headed out to a pond to fish with KT's best friend.  I really enjoy being out on the water and relaxing.  I'll throw my line out a few times and then read and talk.  There's just something relaxing about our Saturday fishing trips.

After church on Sunday, we ate lunch with Kevin's parents and sat in the hammock all afternoon.  It was the best!

Stephanie is also a junior marshall, so I went to see her in the Baccalaureate service Sunday afternoon.


We had such a fun night with the boys Sunday!  We played and when it was time for bed, instead of reading books like we normally do, we watched a million videos we've recorded of everything from t-ball to flying kites to riding bikes.  I think they enjoyed seeing themselves and I'm glad that we're able to keep everything documented like that (and through this blog)!

Be sure to link up with House of Rose tomorrow for another vlog!  I enjoyed participating in my first one last week!