Birthday Planning

Birthdays are a big deal for everyone, but especially for kids.  I had such a fun time planning K.C.'s 4th birthday last July and Kaden's 3rd this April.  It's almost the middle of June and time is slipping by as K.C.'s 5th birthday is quickly approaching.  I'll share my party planning tips and a preview of K.C.'s party below.

When planning a kids party, I think the most important thing to remember is you want them to have fun.  These are some rules of thumb I've used and I think they've had fun!

1. Involve your kids.  
Sure, it might be easier to plan the party yourself and cross your fingers that your child likes it, but really, it's more fun when they're involved.

2.  Stick with a theme.  
K.C. really wanted a Clemson party last year, so a Clemson party we had.  He didn't even talk about another kind of party.  We used orange and purple balloons, asked everyone to wear their Tiger gear, and had a jersey cake.

Kaden had a harder time deciding what he wanted to do for his birthday.  We talked about several different themes and decided on a pirate party.  I ordered lots of pirate treats from Oriental Trading, picked up some balloons and plates from a local party supply store, and made his cake (chocolate with white icing at Kaden's request) and cupcakes (I used some cupcake cups I found at T.J. Maxx.).

3.  Organize.
In order to not get overwhelmed, I like to stay organized.  I'll keep a list on my iPhone, a board on Pinterest, and  a folder on my computer for the party.  I like to keep a document with different things I need to order, cost, and number as well as photos to inspire me while party planning.

4.  Simplify. 
Kevin will be excited when he sees this one.  He is a great influence on me to simplify.  I have a tendency to go overboard (and I know it).  We have busy lives and he constantly works to simplify things, something that I really love about him.  Use paper plates, cups, and cutlery.  Don't knock yourself out.

5.  Enjoy.
This might seem like a strange step to include and end with, but it's so important to enjoy the party.  Be organized so that you don't have to run around crazy during the party.  The most important thing is to remember that you're celebrating your favorite (insert age) little boy (or girl)!

K.C. has decided that he wants a dinosaur party this year.  We've been talking about it for months and he's so excited that it's almost his birthday!  He and I have been looking at cakes on Pinterest to decide what that will look like.  K.C. wants a big cake whereas Kaden wanted his own little cake and cupcakes.  

Last week, I brought my boys a piece of caramel cake to which K.C. has decided he wants to have for his party.  He also wants edible stand up dinosaurs on top of his cake.  My plan is to make a large 3 or 4 layer caramel cake and then use blue, green, and orange to cut out dinosaurs (I'm planning to use dinosaur cookie cutters and a creamy fondant) to stick around the sides of the cake.  If I'm feeling confident enough, I'm going to try to make his stand up dinosaur for the top.  Here are some inspirations for the cake (all from Pinterest.  See my board.)

I'm excited to start planning his party.  We have a date set and a theme.  All that's left is ordering some supplies!