Happy Friday!

It's a happy Friday for me! I'm blogging from my iPhone, so please pardon the formatting and lack of bullets below.

Last night, I made some really good potatoes. Kevin's dad has a garden and gave us a box of potatoes and onions and I put some to good use. I peeled and cubed the potatoes (and took off the top of my thumb! When I say I can't peel things, I'm not kidding!) and put them in a square stone baking dish. I scattered a chopped onion on top of the potatoes and then salted and peppered. After this, I used some Old Bay and Cracker Girl and topped it off with olive oil. I put them in the oven on 375F for about 45 minutes. They were delicious! I'm not the not creative cook, but I was proud of this simple and not too unhealthy dish.

On a side note, we also had steak that I marinated in a new steak sauce (I think it was K.C. Masterpiece Steakhouse) and we cooked it in the oven (a new thing for me). We sometimes have a hard time getting our sweet K.C. to eat meat and try new things, but he loved the steak last night! It made me happy. He ate 12 pieces of steak which may or may not have been encouraged with the promise of one M&M for every two pieces of steak. If it works, it works!

I had a good 4.5 mile run last night. I love the feeling I have after a run when I wasn't really feeling like running the distance I ran. I wanted to get in 3.1 and was happy with my 4.5 miles.

The boys like to help me cook. One day last summer, I was cracking eggs for something and they wanted to help. I told them I would teach them to crack eggs when they turn 5. We were talking about K.C.'s upcoming 5th birthday earlier this week and asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he reminded me that I have to teach him to crack an egg!

I think the new hair products I'm using are working. My hair feels lighter and healthier.

I think I won the lottery when I met KT. He's too humble to brag on himself, but he really is the man you want to have, the kind of guy you want your daughters to marry and the one you want your sons to aspire to be. He takes great care of us, pours himself into everything we do, is faithful and faith-led, works hard at what he does and does it well, and has his priorities in the right order. He puts me and the boys first and wants what's best for us. There are 1,001 reasons I love him and I am so thankful for him.

We have Vacation Bible School next week. I'm excited! I was the VBS director at my church for 5-6 years. This year, I go to a new church with KT which I love. The boys will be in the same class and we are going to help.

Do you have any recommendations for blog designers? I'm interested in having a blog makeover.

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Last but not least, Happy Birthday, Mary! Today is Kevin's mom's birthday. I can't wait to celebrate with her tonight. We love you!