Parties, Reptiles, Runs, and Planes

We had a great weekend!  Friday night, we celebrated Kevin's mom's birthday.  I haven't loaded pictures from it onto my computer, but we had fun.  My sister took the ACT Saturday morning and I ended up staying up later than I have in years talking and laughing.  I was tired Saturday!

Kaden and I went for a 4.5 mile running adventure (that's what he called it) Saturday.  It did turn out to be an adventure!  We saw a dead snake in the road.

I enjoy my runs with the boys.  Kaden likes to go more than K.C. though.  It's fun to run along and talk.  We play I Spy, look for birds (and bugs!), and I just listen to him talk.  It's sweet times.

We went over to Kevin's sister's to swim Saturday afternoon and found this in the road:

We had fun swimming.  The water is still cold, but we got in anyway.  We were so proud of the boys.  They jumped in by themselves!  

We had a great service at church yesterday morning, a relaxing afternoon, and Bible School last night.  After we went to lunch and to get some things for Operation Christmas Child to take for Bible School, Kaden and KT took a nap and K.C. and I played.  The boys each got one thing when we were in the Dollar Store buying our OCC supplies.  K.C. chose this flying plane set.  We went out in the treehouse and played with the planes.  We also went on a bug hunt.  I wish I had taken some pictures, but I didn't have my phone or camera.  We filled up one of the critter cages the boys got for Easter with grass and leaves and caught a few things to put inside.  K.C. was excited!

Bible School was great last night.  For the last five or six years, I've been the director and youth leader at my church (my church meaning the church I grew up in; my church also refers to the church I go to now with KT which I love and reminds me of my church.  Confusing?).  Last year, I decided not to take on that position for this year and I'm glad I didn't because I've gotten involved in this church.  (Isn't it amazing how God works things out like me turning down that request last summer and now me being involved in Bible School at my new church?)  I am a crew leader for one of the 3K-4K groups and the boys are in my group!  It was so fun watching them interact with the other kids.  K.C. loved crafts and Kaden loved music.  This isn't the best picture, but you can see them dancing around during music at Amazing Wonders Aviation!  KT and I were talking about how fun it is that we are able to volunteer in this capacity and be with them during VBS while they're so young.  It's a blessing.