Show and Tell VLOG

I'm linking up with From Mrs. to Mama and Raven for a new Show and Tell VLOG.  Details are below.  

The things I'll talk about in my vlog are:
1. Favorite hair product
2. Favorite pair of shoes
3. Book I'm currently reading
4. Favorite thing in the pantry
5. What I'd bring if there was a fire


What is it: A VLOG on your favorite things
When: Tuesday June 12th, 2012
Length limitI'd like to say 3 minutes... but ya know.. this is coming from the mouth of a jibber jabber. So, I guess just try to keep it contained...
Include: 5-10 questions. Or less. Or more. Depending on what you are in the mood for. The questions are listed below. 
Get to picking and find your supplies to show off!


1. Show us your favorite pair of shoes
2. A piece of jewelry that you wear every day
3. Your favorite room in the house {can show us physically, or show us a picture}
4. A current favorite picture.
5. If there was a fire and you had to grab one thing what would it be {besides your children, pets, and partners}
6. What favorite book are you currently reading?
7. Show your favorite hair product of all time
8. What is your most favorite sentimental thing you own
9. Go pour yourself a drink (of whatever!) and show us your favorite beverage
10. I won't include here what Raven wanted you guys to do... but see if she includes it in hers... lets say... it involves.... positions.
11. A piece of clothing that you wear often.
12. Your favorite accessory
13. Your favorite app
14. Something that tells us what you do for a living
15. Something you recently purchased.
16. Your favorite food in your pantry