Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses Weekly Vlog!

Today is the first day this week I've been in front of my computer and I'm linking up with House of Rose for the weekly vlog.  Please pardon the scary face below!

Things that are making me smile this week:

Our Blurb book is here!  I was so excited when we saw it last night.  It is safe to say I'm really happy with it.  I made a book on Blurb for my parents' anniversary last year, but did a larger (12 x 12 and about 140 pages) book for us for 2011.  Seeing the book last night motivated me to finish K.C.'s 4th year book.  I made this book online, but have downloaded the Bookify software on my laptop which I'm using to make the boys' books and ours for this year.  You can do a lot more design-wise with the software, but I'm very pleased with the way the online book turned out!

I am also smiling because fresh peaches are here!  I love peaches and stopped in somewhere as I was on the road earlier this week and they had ripe peaches already.  I bought a busshel and enjoyed some for breakfast this morning.  Does anybody want to teach me how to cut fruit into slices because I butcher it as you can see from the photo below!  I'm not great at peeling either.  Thankfully, KT is great with both!

Finally, I'm smiling because of KT and our sweet boys!  I know it's a given that they make me smile, but I feel especially blessed that God brought us all together.  I am so thankful for Kevin, K.C., and Kaden!  


Mandy Rose said...

Loving your red lipstick! :) I think the blurb book is the best memory book you can do! I print my blog in a blurb book every year and I love having all the memories in one place! I want some fresh ones!

Stormy Thomas said...

I love fresh peaches! We have a place 15 minutes away that we go and pick them. So fun.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

We love our Blurb books. They are such great quality! Your hair looks great, by the way! :) And yay for yummy fresh peaches and vacations! :)