Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to School... err... Work Shopping

Growing up, I loved to go back to school shopping.  There was just something fun about getting new pencils, notebooks, and planners.  I haven't had to back to school shop in a few years and I'm excited about school supply shopping for the boys and work shopping for me this year!

While we're at the beach, I'm hoping to pick up a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe.  While my attire won't change, I think it would be good to have another suit or two to put in the rotation and maybe some new skirts and tops.  I don't really need these things, but with the outlets and tax free weekend, I'm hoping I can score some good deals!  With my old job, I dressed up most days.  I dressed in business casual attire (pencil skirt, top, heels or a dress) and only really wore suits when I felt like I needed to (and in the winter) for board and fundraising meetings.  With my new position, I'll be dealing with a lot of the same types of people and will wear the same things, but there will be more press events than what I've done with my old job.  Anotherwords, I think I'll need (or want) to wear suits more, especially until I know how the other women dress.

I've already ordered my Erin Condren planner.  I can't wait for it to get here!  I currently have a Lilly Pulitzer Planner that ends in December.  While I love it, I think with the boys, it will be good to have the full 18 month calendar so I'll be able to keep all of their school information in the same one.  I also like that the EC planner has laminated tabs, something my LP doesn't have.

I like to write with Uniball Vision pens.  I need to pick some up in black and multi-colors.

I also like using legal pads to write down my tasks and take notes, so they're the final thing on my back to work shopping list!

What's on your list of must have supplies for work?


Jenille Thibault said...

I always loved back-to-school-supplies shopping too. How funny :)

I have some great news for you!

You've been nominated for a Liebster award! Check out my blog to find out all the details!

Amanda said...

I've heard so much about these planners, I'll have to look into them :) and those pens look awesome. All of this back t school talk and shopping makes me kinda sad that I'm finished, ha! Happy Monday & I'm a new follower :) love your blog!

Jana Faith said...

Back to school shopping makes me giddy! I start early in the summer and use the excuse "I'm a teacher". Love those pens - great smooth lines and I'm convinced they make me write prettier.