Happy Birthday, K.C.!

Dear K.C.,

I can't believe you are five years old today!  Where is the time going my sweet boy?  I want you to always know that though I wasn't there on this special day five years ago, I love you like I was.  I am so thankful and grateful that you are in my life and I get to experience you growing up.  You are truly a blessing from God!

You are the sweetest, most independent boy.  You bring so much joy to our lives every single day!  You are so smart and creative!  Daddy and I are amazed at some of the words in your vocabulary, the things you come up with, and the train tracks you design and build.  Your big blue eyes and sweet smile melt our hearts each day.

You are a great example for your little brother.  You show him so much love and he adores you.  Anything you do is just right to him.  Always remember how special it is to be a big brother.

Though you are a picky eater, you love anything sweet.  We know that all of the candy in the world can't equal your sweetness (and you'd have a great time trying it all!).  You are our light and greatest joy.

You love to play outside, drive your Gator, play with cars and trucks, and play the Wii.  You also like to build houses from Lincoln Logs and put many of your race tracks together.  You are so inventive!

Your determination to do things well makes me happy.  And you like to care for things.  These two qualities are ones I hope you will carry with you always.

Watching you grow, learn, and flourish is one of the most amazing blessings.  It is incredible to me how much you've grown since we celebrated your 4th birthday last July.  You are becoming big boy!  I can't believe we'll be sending you to kindergarten next month!

I hope your zest for fun, laughter, sparkle in your eyes, and determination stays with you.  Always know how  much Daddy, Kaden, and I love you.  You are our K.C., my sweet boy, and the second member of the Todd Team.  We love you to the sun and back!  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


Anna Belle

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