Our Weekend: Swimming, Playing, and Partying, too!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  We did!

On Friday afternoon, the boys and I got to swim for a while at Kevin's sister's house.  We had a great time.  It's been in the low 100's everyday for the last week, so anytime we have a chance to be outside swimming, we jump at it!  K.C. discovered he could touch in the shallow end of Meredith's pool on the Fourth, so he had fun running around it.  Kaden has decided it's about time for him to learn to swim, I think.  Look at this video:

The boys haven't had swimming lessons yet.  We're planning to do it this summer, but with beach vacations and K.C.'s surgery, we haven't had a good time to do it.  I'm so proud of them that they're becoming so comfortable in the water, but it scares me, too!  I'll feel much better after they learn to swim!

Saturday was a lazy day for us.  We stayed inside most of the day to beat the heat.  I went for a run Saturday morning and even though it was cooler (mid-80's), it was so humid!  I mustered though 2.4 miles outside and finished my run inside on the treadmill.  Do any of you have any "beat the heat" tips while running?  I miss my outdoor runs!

I feel bad that it's been so hot and we've had to stay inside.  Our sweet boys have been wanting to ride their bikes and play outside, but you can't even walk into the garage without breaking into a sweat.  What's one way to combat this?  Foam stickers and construction paper.  After using these stickers in crafts almost every night during VBS, we bought some for them to play with at home.  They were happy as could be sitting at their little picnic table with bowls of stickers and paper!

We went out to lunch on Saturday and when we got back, Kaden and I took a nap.  We read about five books on the iPad and we were both out!  Kevin and I usually take turns putting him down for a nap and I don't usually fall asleep, but I did on Saturday.  On Saturday night, we celebrated Kevin's dad's birthday.  We had delicious homemade lasagna and blueberry cobbler and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

We had a great service at church yesterday.  The message was on faith and the lack of it.  When you think about it, there is really very little in life that we have any control over.  We can control how we act and react to things, but other than that, we have to have faith.  So many times we try to do things ourselves and when that doesn't work, we decide to have faith.  That's not how it is.  We have to start with faith.

Yesterday afternoon, K.C. and I played in the fort he and Kevin built while Kaden and KT took a nap.  Kevin and I went to Target and picked up some birthday supplies for K.C.'s party last night and then went over to his sister's to swim.

We're looking forward to a fun and productive week!

Coming this Week:

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