Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest Party: Link Up Time

Ok, friends.  We all love Pinterest.  And if for some reason you don't, you might want to stop reading this.  I thought it would be fun to do a little link up, a Pinterest Party if you will.  Here's what I'm thinking: we all love to see what other people like and we all repin things, so why not link up and see what our blog friends are liking?

Each Thursday, starting next Thursday, July 19th, we'll have a link up.  Now, we can do this one of two ways (there are plenty others, but after thinking about it, I've narrowed it down to two.  Feel free to send me your other suggestions!):
  • We can blog about anything we're currently loving on Pinterest or
  • We can blog about a specific category (Example: Week 1: Design, Week 2: Food, Week 3: Events.  You get the picture.)
What do you think?

While I don't want to make rules, I'd like to ask the following:
  • If you want to participate, please write a post or stick a little blurb about our weekly Pinterest Party on your blogs sometime between now and next Thursday and please link back to this post.  (Grab the button at the top, too!)
  • Try to limit the number of pins you highlight.  I am guilty of pinning 5,879,526 things on each of my boards, but for this, let's try to keep it to a more manageable number, say 10-12.
  • Make a board for each week and link to it (so we can all repin the great things you've found!).  Don't forget to display your items in your post, too!
  • In your Pinterest Party post, make sure to give a link to your Pinterest account (so we can all follow you of course!).

1 comment:

Conry Lavis said...

this is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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