Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fast Forward to Fall

This summer is flying by!  It seems like K.C. was just getting out of school for summer break and in about three weeks, he'll be starting kindergarten and a week later, Kaden will start 3K!  It's hard to believe.

With that said, I'm really looking forward to fall, and really, this August.  We have so many exciting things ahead:

  • Swimming lessons for the boys start Monday.
  • I also start my new job Monday.
  • Kevin will start his second season of coaching soccer.
  • Kaden will play his first team sport: soccer.
  • Kaden starts 3K, K.C. starts kindergarten, and my sister will be a senior in high school!
  • Football season starts.  Kevin is very excited about this and has the days counted down.  Truth be told, I like it when we (Clemson) win, but I really, really like the oreo balls and spinach dip that accompany each game!
  • Races: It's no secret that I love to run and race.  With our hot summers, I haven't done a race since the end of June.  I already have three races picked out.
  • October!


Amanda said...

When I think about it a piece of me gets excited for fall, football, apple picking, etc, but then I think about winter coming next and I get not so excited.. But it sounds like y'all have exciting, busy season ahead! :) Happy Wednesday! XO

Jen said...

I'm ready for running weather too! We just signed up for another Mud race in October. I better start training!