Friday's Letters

I'm linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters.

dear liz: To say that I am in love with the pictures you took of us would be an understatment!  You are fabulous and I wish you still lived here!  to my day off:  Thank you.  You have been good to me.  to kevin: I'm so glad you get to play in a softball tournament tomorrow!  I know you've missed it.  Thank you for always being my number one!  to the back steps: my left knee is not talking to you today.  Thanks to Dr. Kaden and an Angry Birds bandaid, we're all good.  to k.c. and kaden: Thank you for the fun day we've had!  I love playing with you guys all day (and eating dessert at Cici's, too!).  dear my new job: You rock!  dear Usain Bolt: If you ever feel the need to donate some of your speed to someone, I'll take it.  I could use some tomorrow morning!