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Since school has officially been in session for about a month, I wanted to do an update on the boys.

Kaden - 3K 

Kaden is doing such a great job at school! For the most part, he's been great at going.  Some mornings when Kevin is waiting to drop him off, he'll get upset because he wants to go home and play with us, but for the most part, he's been fantastic!

Overall, he's done really well adjusting to a new schedule.  Prior to beginning preschool at the end of August, he's stayed with our sitter all day and had his brother to play with after school.  He was also still taking a nap in the afternoon.

I love seeing how excited he is talking about school!  He likes to tell us all about it which makes me happy.  He says his favorite thing to do is to go to Chapel which his class does each Wednesday.  He likes singing during Chapel.  He likes to pick out his snack for snack time each night.  I think snack time is another of his favorite parts about school.  :)  He's also so proud of his artwork (and so are we!).  He likes to show us when he's brought home a new picture he's made in class or art.

He has made a few friends at school, too.  He tells us about John Wylie and Dmitry and how they are his best friends.

His school offers lots of opportunities for parents to be involved.  Earlier this week, we went to Family Night where the children had a scavenger hunt, we were able to see some things they've made, and purchase some books from the book fair.  They also have at least one or two special events each month.  Last week, he had Teddy Bear Day.  He got to take a teddy bear to school and go on a scavenger hunt.  Tomorrow is Cowboy/Cowgirl Day.  The day he's most excited about though is Donuts for Dads.  He talks about it almost everyday.  I know he and Kevin will have a great time at this event next Friday!

Kaden is so eager to learn.  In 3K, he doesn't have homework, but we do homework each night.  When I sit down to do homework with K.C., Kaden is always right behind me asking for his homework.  We've been working on drawing our shapes, the letters that he's learning (A,B, and C), and writing his name.  I hope and pray that his eagerness to learn will only increase.

K.C. - Kindergarten
Please excuse the soccer picture.  Our school pictures are in, but not on my computer.
K.C. is doing great at his new school in kindergarten!  I am so proud of him!  He is ready to go to school every day and has been walking in by himself since almost the first week.

It is amazing to me how much he seems to have grown up in the past months.  He's always been well-behaved, smart, and independent, but when I look at him now and talk to him, he's become this big boy.  I knew this would happen and I'm so proud of him, but sometimes, I just want my little K.C. to be little.  I'm sure we all feel like that about our kids.  

K.C. has become an artist.  He is doing a great job drawing.  He really likes showing us his artwork when he brings it home, but he's reserved when we ask him about what he's done all day.  One night earlier this week, I asked him about school and he said he didn't remember and proceeded to ask me how my work was.  I sat down on the bench beside our sweet and told him about my day thinking that when I finished, he'd tell me about school.  I asked him again and he didn't remember.  I love writing these little things down to have to look back on in the future.  

He is doing a great job writing!  His handwriting has gotten much neater.  K.C. is named after Kevin and goes by K.C., but at school, everything lists Kevin.  His teacher and classmates call him K.C. of course, but everything official says Kevin.  He's been writing Kevin on some of his papers.  I think it's cute!  

K.C. is also doing really well on his sight words.  While his homework hasn't included reading yet, his class is working on it according to the class notes his teacher sends home each week.  He was also reading in 4K last year, so I don't want him to lose anything he's learned.  We've been reviewing his sight words and he's also been writing them each night which I think really helps him learn them.  We also made up a game we're playing with them.  I drew some parking spaces on construction paper for the boys.  I had them get a toy car and on K.C.'s, I wrote his site words in some parking spaces while Kaden got parking spaces with shapes and a letter.  When I call out a word (or shape in Kaden's case), the boys drive the car to what I say.  

K.C. has a great teacher and one of his classmates from preschool is in his class, too.  He's also told us about a little girl who stands in line beside him everyday!  I'm so happy that K.C. has had a great experience so far!

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