Fitness Friday: Mixing It Up

I'm glad to be linking back up with Jen for this week's Fitness Friday!

Recipe of the Week: Ok, ok.  I've been bad this week.  Besides only cooking two nights, I really didn't cook anything healthy (pizza and parmesean chicken).  My goal for next week is to make something healthy the nights I cook so I can share that with you next Friday.  Keep me accountable, girls! 

Workout of the Week:  I decided to mix up my routine some this week and also go back to doing some ab work.  Since I don't have pictures of these exercises, I'll describe them.  Please bear with me!  Also, these are things I do and since I don't really have/know a real name for them, I made up some!  

Flat Sit Ups on Bench
We bought a sit up bench a few months ago and I love it.  I use a 10 pound round weight and do sit ups with my back straight from side to side.  I usually do 50 of these.  

Twisting Sit Ups on Bench
I use my same 10 pound weight and do sit ups alternating from the left to right to middle.  I usually do 100 of these.

Crunches on Exercise Ball
I have a giant exercise ball and I do fifty regular crunches on it and then fifty twisting crunches.

Once I complete these exercises, I've done 250 sit ups.

Lean Overs with Kettle Bell
To work my sides, I use a 10 pound kettle bell.  I stand up with my legs shoulder width apart and lean to the right with the kettle ball in my right hand going towards the ground and my free hand going up above my head.  I do two sets of twenty-five each on each side.  I can tell a huge difference when I do these!

Weekly Recap:  I've done pretty well exercising this week.  Below are my workouts beginning last Saturday.
Total Miles: 15.3
Total Gym Workouts: 3
Total Ab Workouts: 4