Friday, September 28, 2012

Fitness Friday

Join my friend Jen today for Fitness Fridays!

Recipe of the Week: My recipes this week pretty much consisted of take out or eating out.  Yeah, I know, that's bad.    I had all intentions of cooking more than I did.  On Sunday, we had something that I cooked, but I can't remember what.  Monday night, I made hamburger steaks, sauteed onions, and sweet potatoes.  Tuesday was take out (Greek grilled chicken sandwiches with onion rings [delicious yes, good for us, no] for us and chicken with fries for the boys) before family night at Kaden's school.  KT had a work dinner Wednesday and brought me dinner (Chicken Pontalba [cheese grits, chicken, mushrooms, sausage, has browns, delicious] and a Caesar salad).  Last night, we grabbed burgers from a local place after soccer.  Tonight, we're eating in.  

Workout of the Week: This week, I decided to add in some leg workouts.  My right hip has felt tight during some of my runs, so I thought it would be a good idea to start adding in some leg exercises.  I usually don't do any because I count my runs as my leg exercise.  My leg is feeling much better today that it did on Monday.  I used two leg machines at the gym on Monday and then again today focusing on this muscle group.

I was also really excited about almost running a 5K in under 21 minutes.  My goal is to get down to around 20:30 and I hit 21:04 during my run Monday.  My fastest race time has been 21:10, so I think I should be able to hit this goal at the next race given adrenaline.  

Weekly Recap:  I've done pretty well exercising this week.  Below are my workouts beginning last Saturday.
  • Saturday: 3.1 miles/22:25 (7:13 pace)
  • Sunday: 4 miles/30:35 (7:28 pace)
  • Monday: Upper body, abs, legs, glutes at the gym; 3.1 miles/21:04 (6:47 pace)
  • Tuesday: 2 miles/14:12 (7:06 pace), 100 twisting sit ups on bench with 10 pounds, 50 flat sit ups on bench with 10 pounds 
  • Wednesday: Upper body, glutes, and abs at gym; 4 miles/30:38 (7:39 pace) 
  • Thursday: OFF-REST DAY!
  • Friday: upper body, abs, glutes, legs at gym; I plan to run today, too.

Total Miles: 16.2
Total Gym Workouts: 3
Total Ab Workouts: 4


Perfectly Imperfect said...

yea. i'm never running with you! you are way too fast for this girl!! but i do need to hit the gym with you!!

Jen said...

ANNA! I am just realizing now that my comment never posted! I was wondering why I hand't heard back. Ha! Glad I checked!!

All I said in my original comment was the I think we are both in the same boat when it comes to eating. Busy schedules and lack of time always push my plans for healthy meals right out the door. So I would LOVE to do as you suggested and maybe start sharing some weekly meal plans in addition to the recipes??? What do you think girlfriend?

Thank you again for linking up. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your post each week!