Fitness Friday

Join my friend Jen today for Fitness Fridays!

Recipe of the Week: My recipes this week pretty much consisted of take out or eating out.  Yeah, I know, that's bad.    I had all intentions of cooking more than I did.  On Sunday, we had something that I cooked, but I can't remember what.  Monday night, I made hamburger steaks, sauteed onions, and sweet potatoes.  Tuesday was take out (Greek grilled chicken sandwiches with onion rings [delicious yes, good for us, no] for us and chicken with fries for the boys) before family night at Kaden's school.  KT had a work dinner Wednesday and brought me dinner (Chicken Pontalba [cheese grits, chicken, mushrooms, sausage, has browns, delicious] and a Caesar salad).  Last night, we grabbed burgers from a local place after soccer.  Tonight, we're eating in.  

Workout of the Week: This week, I decided to add in some leg workouts.  My right hip has felt tight during some of my runs, so I thought it would be a good idea to start adding in some leg exercises.  I usually don't do any because I count my runs as my leg exercise.  My leg is feeling much better today that it did on Monday.  I used two leg machines at the gym on Monday and then again today focusing on this muscle group.

I was also really excited about almost running a 5K in under 21 minutes.  My goal is to get down to around 20:30 and I hit 21:04 during my run Monday.  My fastest race time has been 21:10, so I think I should be able to hit this goal at the next race given adrenaline.  

Weekly Recap:  I've done pretty well exercising this week.  Below are my workouts beginning last Saturday.

Total Miles: 16.2
Total Gym Workouts: 3
Total Ab Workouts: 4

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