Our Weekend Via Instagram

We had a great, full weekend!

The boys had their second soccer game of the season Saturday morning.  Our team, the Tiger Sharks, won again 3-2!  K.C. had his first assist on the game winning goal, too!

After the game, we went to Chickfila for a late breakfast and let the boys play.  Have you tried their Southwestern Breakfast Wrap?  It was really good!

We just had an Ulta open in town and being out of foundation, we stopped by there.  I decided to try something new and went with Urban Decay Naked Skin.  Have y'all tried this foundation?  We also had a little more shopping to do for my granddad's birthday.

While we were doing some things and getting ready for the Clemson game, Kevin got out some of his old toys for the boys.  We have transformers, mighty men, mini machines, and lots of other things (I hope I got all of those right!).  To say the boys love them is an understatement.  I loved watching them play with Kevin's old toys.  Too sweet!

We watched the Clemson game Saturday afternoon and I made a wedding list.  We have things to do!

Yesterday, we went to church with my family.  The boys were so cute!  My mom made lunch and we celebrated my granddad's 86th birthday.  

Kaden helping Bebe make croissants!

K.C. is going to be our little engineer, I think.  My mom got out some tinker toys that were Stephanie's and he had a great time building all kinds of things.

I don't have an Instagram photo of it and haven't uploaded my camera pictures, but the boys and my dad had fun playing all afternoon, too!  He took them out riding on the mule (not an actual animal - Kawasaki Mule, similar to a Gator) and they had fun.  It makes my heart happy!  :)

Happy Birthday, Bruce Hall!  We love you!