She Reads Truth: Proverbs

I discovered She Reads Truth from someone's blog.  (I can't remember the blog or I'd share it with you.)  I didn't start at the beginning, but rather at Proverbs 22.  Below are my notes and thoughts from this book.

Oh, yeah, if you'll notice, mention of the Proverbs 31 woman is missing in my notes from that chapter.  Don't worry, it's going to happen.  Come back next week for my thoughts on the Proverbs 31 Woman/Wife as I prepare to become a wife in only four weeks from today! 

Proverbs 22
Proverbs 23
We aren't to work to get rich.  Every thing we do needs to be done as if we're doing it for God.  God wants us to seek his instruction, wisdom, and guidance.  The way we raise our children is so important.  And, it's important to discipline them and teach them right and wrong even though it's not fun and hurts us in the process.  We aren't to envy those or the lives of those who don't love God.  They may seem full, but they aren't.  We need to be zealous for the Lord.

Proverbs 24
Arguments and bitterness is no good.  Don't become close with those who plot things and try to stir up trouble and dissension.  Don't gossip or seek revenge.  The people you're talking about or feel vengence towards don't care.  The righteous are able to stay together and get back up after falling down.

Proverbs 26
We need to seek wisdom from God alone and not become wise in our own eyes.  Be humble.  What is in our heart is what  matters most and through it, our character is shown.

Proverbs 27
We aren't to praise ourselves.  We should live in a way that others see what/how we are without telling them.  Don't be prideful!  It's better for those who really know us to discipline us than it is for those who don't to flatter us.  What we spend our time doing and thinking about is what we become.   Good, Christian friendships are so important.

Proverbs 28
God wants us to be honest, forgiving, loving, righteous, and confess our sins to Him.  He does not want us going after quick riches or doing things the easy way.

Proverbs 29
Being upright, honorable, and seeking wisdom is the only way to be.

Proverbs 30
God protects us.  I need to pray that God will keep dishonest, hurtful, and wicked things away from my family and me.  It's better to have just enough than too little or too much.  We aren't to store up anger. 

Proverbs 31
It is our job to speak up and help those who can't help themselves.  Does this mean that we are supposed to help take care of those who bring it on themselves and offer no ways to try to be better/change?

It's important for us to put wisdom into our lives everyday. 

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