The Wedding: One Month

I can't believe that in just one month from today, Kevin and I will be getting married.  Yes, you read that right: it's in one month as in October 13, 2012!

I know that seems really fast, and I guess it is, but we have everything planned and under control.  Not wanting a huge wedding (and lots of pre-engagement planning) makes the thirty short days until the wedding just right.  

We knew we wanted to get married this fall.  We actually set a date back in early July.  We wanted to keep it a secret until we got engaged, and only shared it with our family.  Originally, we planned to get married on the beach.  It's a special place to us and was even the place we got engaged, but then we changed our minds.

Here are the details:
I can't wait to share all the details with you after the wedding, but until then, these will have to do.  We have family who reads the blog and I'd like some things to be a surprise!

I know that all of this stuff is fun, but it's not really important.  I feel so blessed and fortunate to be marrying Kevin and sharing my life with him and I want this day to be about that.  I pray that it radiates our love for each other and shows the goodness of God.

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