We had a great weekend!  I hope you all did, too!

I went out shopping for a little bit Friday night while Kevin worked on the yard.  I picked up some shoes for the boys as well as some ties for them to wear at the wedding.  I also wandered around TJ Maxx.  They have some great fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations.  I picked up Outback for us for dinner and then we watched The Hunger Games?  If you haven't read the books or watched the first movie, you need to!  I didn't think I would enjoy the books at all, but read them so fast.  We saw the movie on opening night and bought it a few weeks ago.  It was a nice night!

We had a soccer game Saturday morning.  Our team did well, and we tied our game.  K.C. and Kaden both did really well!  I'm so proud of how they're doing this year!

My three boys post game!

After soccer, KT and I went to look at wedding bands.  I wasn't sure if I wanted a band or not.  I really want a wedding band, but my engagement ring is so beautiful and it has a halo around it, that I was worried about a band taking something away from it.  I tried on several and the one below looks great with my ring.  

We went to Chickfila (it's a Saturday tradition!) for lunch after ring shopping and then met my mom at the church.  I had already picked out most of the marches and knew of at least one song I wanted sung, but I wanted to finalize everything.  Meredith, Kevin's sister, his mom, my mom, and I stayed at the church a few hours and got everything determined.  I love music, and in my opinion, the music (and of course my grrom :) ) are what makes a wedding.

I'll share our selections with you after the wedding, but for a sneak peak, we're using the following:

Kevin getting in on the action.

After we finalized the music, my mom and I picked up some things we're using for our dinner.  We got vases and candles for the tables as well as some other things my mom needed for something she's making for us (I'll share that after, too!).  We had a great time!  My mom is fun to shop with!

Saturday night, we watched the Clemson game at Kevin's parents' house.  Watching the game together is a tradition his family has.  While we weren't happy with the end result, all in all, the team played well.  I'm looking forward to hopefully going to a game in Death Valley with KT later this season.

Yesterday, we worked on some things that we just haven't had time to do.  Most of my furniture has been in storage, so a few weeks ago, KT and his dad moved it to his house.  We had some some pictures and mirrors that had to be hung, china to organize, a book shelf to fill, and some other things we needed to get done.  We got most of those done this weekend.

I was trying to find some some candles to go on a table under one of the mirrors Kevin hung and Kaden wanted to help.  While I ended up going with different candles, the picture below shows Kaden's edition.  I had to take a picture when he added the toilet paper rolls and GermX bottle!  The boys are too cute helping us with things.

I also fit in a trip to Target this weekend.  I go to Target a lot, but it's usually for a quick trip.  I needed to pick up some groceries, and decided to try theirs (yes, our Target just added groceries).  I was really surprised at how large the selection was as well as the prices on their fresh fruit and vegetables.  They beat the grocery store.

While I was there, I picked up some Halloween plates and bowls.  As I was leaving, I decided to walk through the costumes just to see what they had.  Kevin got out some of his old toys for the boys a few weeks ago and they loved his Ninja Turtle men, so we thought that would be a good choice for this year.  I didn't think we'd be able to find a Ninja Turtle costume that looked good if we were even able to find one at all, and had already asked my mom about making them, when I saw them in Target.  They look good and needless to say, the boys love them!

We're looking forward to a fun week with Family Night at Kaden's preschool, soccer practice and a game, a baby shower for Kevin's cousin, and I'm picking up my dress and having my portrait made next weekend.