Fabulous Fall Weekend

We had a great weekend full of so many fun things!

Kevin and I drove back from Holden Beach Friday night because we didn't want to miss our boys' last soccer game of the season which was on Saturday morning.  On our way home (!), we stopped by Ken and Margaret's to drop off the beach house key and enjoyed visiting with them.  They tell the best stories!  We then went by Chickfila for the first time in over a week!  I would say I had problems withdrawing from Chickfila, but we ate so good that I hardly missed it at all.  We visited with Kevin's parents for a while when we took their boat back to them before going home and unpacking.

Saturday was a gorgeous day!  The boys had their last soccer game and both played really well.  Sweet Kaden was excited about wearing a Halloween shirt under his jersey and decided he'd had enough soccer after the first quarter.  He ended up on the sidelines with me and some snacks the rest of the game.  K.C. played goalie during part of the game and we were so proud of him!  He did a great job and didn't let a shot go by.  It's amazing to me to see how much he's improved since the beginning of the season, much less since last season.  I think he's going to be a good soccer player like his daddy!

After our game, we had a team party complete with doughnuts and trophies.  The boys were so excited about their trophies!

We cheered our Tigers to victory Saturday afternoon, too (and watched our wedding video during half time!).  I really didn't enjoy watching football until I started watching it with Kevin.  It's fun to see how excited he gets!  We're hoping to make it to Death Valley in a few weeks to watch a live game.  I've been to more than my share of USC games, but it's been years since I've been to Clemson and even then, I think I've only gone to two games.  I'm looking forward to another first with my sweet family!

My dad's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated it Saturday night.  We went out to dinner and then everyone came back to our house for ice cream pie.  If you haven't ever had Brewster's ice cream pie, you're missing out.  They are delicious!

The boys had so much fun playing and it was great visiting with my family!

After a great church service Sunday, we took the boys to Cici's.  I think K.C. literally ate about 10 pieces of their alfredo pizza.  He loves it!

We also went to a corn maze Sunday afternoon.  Neither Kevin nor I had ever been, but both of the boys went during the week last week with their classes.  K.C.'s class didn't get to go through the big maze and he'd been asking to go back, so we took advantage of the gorgeous afternoon and went to the maze.  It was fun!

When we got home from the corn maze, I decided to go for a run.  This precious boy wanted to go with me, so off we went.  Not even a half mile in and he was out!  I ended up running a little over two with him in the jogging stroller and then laid him down inside while I finished my run for a total of 6.2.

I love this time of year and I'm looking forward to many more fun Fall weekends!

What are your favorite things to do during the Fall?

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