Fitness Friday: Inspiration and Guilt

Join my friend Jen today for Fitness Fridays!

I'm going to switch things up some today.  Our week has been insanely busy, so I haven't cooked much (I feel like a broken record saying this!).  I'm going to give myself some grace about eating out instead of cooking until after the wedding and honeymoon.  I also haven't really done a unique workout or added anything in this week, so I don't have anything to share there.  I would like to share a recap of my workouts this week as well as some of my favorite inspirational pins, plus how I feel about not getting in  as many miles/runs this week.  

Weekly Recap:  As you'll see below, I haven't run my normal five days this week.  We had a busy Saturday and I didn't have time to fit in a run.  On Tuesday, it was rainy and KT and I had to run out to do some things, so I decided to take a few minutes to relax rather than rushing through a run.  On Wednesday, I think I had a touch of a 24-hour virus.  I didn't ever get sick, but I felt like it.  I pushed through my morning gym workout, but I didn't have it in me to run that night.  I had a shorter run than I would've liked last night, but had a hair appointment to get to.  I hate excuses so these reasons for not running as much irritate me even though they're all valid.  

Total Miles: 10.2 (How I'm feeling about this is below.)
Total Gym Workouts: 3
Total Ab Workouts: 4

Inspirational Pins: Who doesn't love a little inspiration?  Follow me on Pinterest at

My Week: I don't think it's a secret that I like to run and run often.  I know there are a lot of people who run 3 days a week and longer distances than me and there are many who run many more miles a week than me.  I'm not a marathoner or even a half marathoner (although I've been thinking that I might want to run a half this spring).  I really enjoy running 5K races fast and I also enjoy 4-6 mile runs.  I've done a handful of 10K races, but I really like 5Ks because they're fast.

Weeks like this one where I've only run 3 days drive me insane.  I know I've worked out outside of running and I know that running while nauseous isn't the best idea so it's good I took it off, but at the end of the day, I like running more frequently.  I really like the way it feels, the energy it gives me, and the accomplishment I feel.  I just don't feel like I've worked out when I don't run even when I go to the gym and do other workouts.  

I really have to learn that it's okay to take a day off that I hadn't planned to take off and that it's okay to not hit my goal.  I am such a goals oriented person that it drives me crazy not to hit them.  I know that the week isn't over and I have two more days to run.  In actuality, we have a busy weekend.  I'm co-chair of my Junior League's holiday market which is going to require a lot of time this weekend, I'm having a portrait done tomorrow afternoon (last weekend's got rained out), we have things we have to do to get ready for the wedding, my mom and Meredith are practicing, and I want to get packed for the honeymoon.  Those are just things that have to happen.  That list doesn't include spending time with KT and our boys which is really what I want to do.  With all of that though, I know I need to run and I will.  I don't get frazzled often, but when I'm busy, I do better when I've fit in a workout.  So between all of our obligations and if I'm lucky, some relaxation, I'm going to run because it's just what I do.

To close this post, I will tell you this: I'm not racing next Saturday.  There's a 5K in town I'd like to do and thought it would be a fun way to start off our wedding day, but I'm going to refrain.  That's one day I won't feel bad about not racing on (don't worry, I'm sure I'll run that day!).  ;) 

Do you ever feel guilty for not running "enough"?