Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Wedding Week!

I can't believe that it's wedding week!  5 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great, but busy weekend!  We spent most of the weekend getting things done.  Our list had about 25 things on it.  I'm happy that most of them - the most crucial things - are done.  I can't share the details of everything we did because it'll give away some wedding surprises, but we're so excited!

On Saturday afternoon, I had my portrait done.  It was so much fun!  My mom, sister, Kevin's mom, sister, and niece all went with me.  We had a blast and my photographer is just too much fun.  I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out!

In non-wedding news, my Junior League's holiday market went extremely well!  I wasn't able to be there as much as I have in the past, but everything looked great and all of our vendors were happy (which if you've ever been involved in a big show you know this is an amazing feat!).  I also took the time to shop some.  I haven't really shopped much lately and picked up a few Tracy Negoshian dresses and some bubble necklaces.  I also got the boys and Kevin some surprises.

If you haven't ever worn Tracy's dresses, you're missing out.  I got to know her a few years ago when she had just started out and love her dresses.  I wear them all the time.  They're easy to dress up or down.  I also wear most of mine year round.  Tracy was so sweet and gave me my something blue for this weekend!

(This model is Diana Kelly - she has great shoes!)

I think these dresses will all be great to take on our honeymoon!  :)

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