30 Days of Thanks {Day 20}

Day 20 {Technology}

I am thankful for technology today.  I honestly don't know how people did it without technology!  Technology makes things so much easier.  I can be in the grocery store and look up a recipe on my iPhone to make sure I've gotten everything I need.  I use my GPS watch on my runs to know exactly how far I've gone.  My iPad lets me browse the Internet without having to open up my laptop or sit at my computer.  I can shop, read newspapers and magazines, keep up with family and friends, and take photos with something that's smaller than my hand.

While I sometimes think we have too much connectivity (I think that's why I just can't get into Twitter) and want to get rid of all the "noise", I'm really thankful for technology and our ability to do practically anything using it.  I'm also thankful for the advancements in everything from medicine to athletics to manufacturing that are all possible because of technology.