30 Days of Thanks {Day 5}

Day 5 {Photos}

Today I am thankful for photos and the memories that come with them.  Or is it the pictures we have of our memories?  Whatever it is, I am thankful for them.  Our wedding photographer put some sneak peaks of our wedding photos online yesterday and looking through them just makes me smile.

I have tons of pictures.  We take tons of pictures.  I don't know what we'll ever do with all of them, but I love them.  I love being able to look back at not just the pictures of recent years, but of those when I was younger and even before I was born.

Last year, I made us a photo book of the year.  The boys love to look at it and talk about the things we do.  It's my goal to make one of these each year.  And I think it's become a hobby of mine along with this little blog.

I'm thankful for photos today.