A Little Bit of Everything!

I'm linking up with Shanna today for Random Wednesday!

I am enjoying this time of year!  I love the summer, but I'm really enjoying this fall.

We have most of our Christmas decorations up inside, but still have the outside to go.  And I've really started liking those cute little light up reindeer.

I don't consider myself to be the craftiest person, but I had an idea of something to use inside to decorate for Christmas and I'm going to try it and then PIN it!

My eyes have been watering all day and I feel like the loss of eye liner in the corner of my left eye makes me look like I've been crying.  I haven't.

I think I wear dresses and skirts to work too much.  I wore pants last week and my co-worker made that comment.  I like my dresses though!

I'm ready to Christmas shop some more!  We've gotten a good start on the boys and some other family members, but I want to buy more for my husband!  

I should be a spokesperson for Tracy Negoshian.  I only had seven dresses arrive on my doorstep this week.  Granted they were on sale and some are for gifts, but really, seven dresses.

I'm super excited that OUR WEDDING ALBUM IS ON ITS WAY!

I really want some monogrammed things for Christmas with my new monogram!  My old monogram was funny if you consider carrying around cute monogrammed things with the name of a big zoo animal embroidered on them funny!

I got my hair cut and colored last night (I know it's a surprise to you that my hair isn't STILL naturally blonde. ha!) and didn't wash it this morning because my stylist told me not to.  And it makes me feel dirty because I don't like to not wash my hair!

Speaking of hair appointments, my stylist is definitely younger than me (and I'm only 26) and she gets Botox. Granted, I think she's really pretty and has great looking skin, but this young!  It made me feel old.  

I think I've had a productive week!

I want to polish my finger nails bright red, but then I know they'll get chipped and I don't want to have to redo them.

I still haven't been to the new yogurt place in town and I love frozen yogurt covered in things like Reese Cups, caramel, and some fruit with an emphasis on the some.  (Hint, hint Mr. Handsome: Let's go this weekend! :) )