Christmas 2012

We're back from what seems like a week of celebrating.  Our first married Christmas was a great one!

We started our Christmas celebrations a few days before Christmas.  My parents had some dear friends of theirs over for dinner the Saturday before Christmas and invited us over, too.  It was nice getting to see them, and I can't resist sharing these pictures of Kaden helping BeBe (my mom) make yeast rolls for dinner.

On Sunday the 23rd, we let the boys open a present early.  K.C. opened up a yellow Camaro and Kaden got a skateboard ramp.  Late Sunday afternoon, the boys and I made sugar cookies for Santa.  Before going to bed, we put out milk and cookies and left some special reindeer food that Kaden made at school on the back steps along with some carrots (the reindeer are hungry, too, you know).  We finished our Advent book and read the Christmas Story and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas before our sweet little boys went to bed anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival.  (Santa visited us on Christmas Eve!).

When K.C. and Kaden woke up on Christmas Eve morning, they were so excited and so ready to run downstairs to see what all Santa had brought them.  They got Razor Scooters, cars, trucks, race tracks, Clemson football uniforms complete with shoulder pads and helmets, BB guns (only to be used with Kevin and under his supervision of course!), and many other toys and clothes.  After they opened up all of their gifts from Santa and from us and we had opened all of ours, Kevin's parents came over and brought breakfast and visited with us.  My parents and sister stopped by later, too, and the boys had fun with Kevin and Hot Rod (my dad) shooting their BB guns in the woods.

We spent all afternoon Christmas Eve playing with the boys and their new toys and Kaden and I took a run. We went to the Candlelight Service at church late that afternoon before celebrating with Kevin's family that night.

Kevin's family always has fondue for Christmas and I love it.  After dinner, we all went upstairs to wait for Santa to come.  Santa comes to their house each year and fills our stockings while Kevin's dad reads the Christmas Story and his mom recites 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  It's a great tradition.  Kaden was scared when he heard Santa inside the house!

KT and I spent Christmas Eve night at my parents'.  On Christmas morning, we opened our gifts with my mom and dad and my sister before going to my grandma's for lunch with my dad's family.  This year, we did a Chinese Christmas at my grandma's and each person took a $10 gift.  Kevin got lucky and won the mystery gift.  The top box had a toy microphone in it along with the note below.  At the end of the game, he got to open the bottom box and in it was $25!

On Christmas afternoon, we took the boys to my grandma's to open their gifts from her.  K.C. had fun, but sweet Kaden slept through it.  That night, we went to my other grandparents for dinner and to open gifts and then back to my parents where the boys' opened all their gifts from BeBe, Hot Rod, and Stephanie.

We stayed at my parents' Christmas night, and on Wednesday, went down to Garden City Beach to see Kevin's cousin who was in town from California.  The boys had a blast running around on the beach and Kevin and Todd had fun taking their boogie boards out in the ocean.  If you haven't heard of Mary Lee, the huge shark that is being tracked by Ocearch, you should check her out.  I'd also like to note that she "pinged" just off the coast of Myrtle Beach Wednesday night which isn't but about 10 miles from where my husband was swimming in the ocean a few hours earlier.  Scary!

We stayed down at the beach Wednesday night and visited some more on Thursday.  We met Kevin's parents at the farm Thursday afternoon and while he and his dad went duck hunting, his mom and I went shopping with the boys.  We had a great time!

We spent most of yesterday putting together toys and the boys were so happy to just be home playing with their toys.

KT and I had a date today and had a great time!  I love special time with my husband!

Christmas 2012 was a great one for our family!

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