Christmas Wishes

We've had a great start to the Christmas season!  This weekend, we finished up most of our shopping.  Kevin and I went out before lunch Saturday morning and shopped for a few hours, then I met my mom and shopped for a few more.  When I got home around 8, KT had the outside of our house almost decorated and the garland up.  It looks great!  We decided to try to get all the gifts we've already bought wrapped and stayed up until after midnight wrapping.  We got it done!

Yesterday, our adult choir and youth drama team did a great job in their program.  If I wasn't already in the Christmas spirit, that definitely would have put me in it!

All the things we did this weekend were things I wanted to do during Christmas.  Things like shopping with my mom, wrapping presents with my husband, and listening to the choir sing (this is the first Christmas I can ever remember not singing in the Christmas cantata).  Doing those things made me think about the other things I want to do during the holiday season.  Here they are:

What's on your list of things to do this Christmas season?