Soak It In.

As I sit here to write this, I feel a sense of calm.  It's felt like a hectic week.  I feel like I've been burning the candle at both ends and I don't feel like I've been a great person.  I haven't been ugly, but I've just felt flustered.  Feeling flustered isn't something I'm accustomed to.  I'm just not a flustery person.  And I've felt stressed.

This morning, it hit me.  Right smack dab in the middle of the face.  I need to slow down.  I need to soak it in.

I have a tendency to overdo it.  I know I do.  My husband helps me with this.  Our family motto is "Simplify."  Great in concept, hard to do (for me at least).

The fact of the matter is I like to do.  I thrive doing.  I like to engage in meaningful things.  And I like to give back.  But sometimes?  Sometimes I get so caught up in the doing, planning, and making that I don't take the time to sit down and soak it in.

I don't want to just rush anymore.  I rush getting ready in the morning, making breakfast, and hitting the gym before work.  I rush through my workout and getting ready at the gym again.  I rush during my lunch.  I rush to fit in a run, then rush to get dinner started, a shower for myself, and ready to greet my sweet little family when they walk in the door.  KT and I rush through cleaning the kitchen (my husband is a saint of a man) so we have quality time to play with our boys before it's bath time.  I rush through bath time so I can try to steal a few minutes with my husband while the boys are playing in the tub because I just need those few minutes/that connection with him everyday.  We read a few stories and say our prayers, and most nights, I just fall asleep.

In 2013, I'm making some changes because I know I can't be the best for my family or myself when I rush.

During the remainder of the holiday season, I want to just soak it in.  I want to soak in the beauty of our Christmas tree and house decorated for Christmas while we wrap the last of the presents.  I want to soak up some quiet moments with my husband to cherish from our first married Christmas. I want to make cookies for Santa and not worry about the mess they'll make and having to get it cleaned up.  I want to read the Christmas Story, Twas the Night Before Christmas, and finish our Advent Calendar.  I want to soak in the hustle and bustle and pick up a few last stocking stuffers.  I want to sing Christmas carols at church.  I want to soak in the enjoyment of seeing our sweet boys on Christmas morning. I want to soak it in.  I want to soak them in.