Friday, January 18, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday {January 18, 2013}

I'm linking up with my friend Jen today for Health and Fitness Friday!


Friday - 3.1 miles, 11 burpees
Saturday - 6.2 miles (3.1 at race speed; 3.1 slower at about 7:20/mile), 12 burpees
Sunday - 13 burpees
Monday - 2.16 miles with the boys in the stroller, upper body, glutes, 14 burpees
Tuesday - 4 miles, 15 burpees
Wednesday - Upper body, abs, glutes (105 pounds), 16 burpees
Thursday - 3.1 miles, glutes

Total Miles:18.56

I'm really happy with my workouts this week.  The one thing I didn't do as much of as I would like to have done is ab work.  My goal for next week is to incorporate ab work each day (and of course not miss a day of burpees like I did last night!). I have my first race of 2013 next weekend and I can't wait!  


I cooked most nights this week which is a huge change from what I've been doing.  Some of the things we had this week were:

Chicken Enchilada Bake - I made my own version and will share the recipe next time I make it.
Burgers with Diced Potatoes
Roast Beef with Pasta

I bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store to use in the Chicken Enchilada Bake (I'm all about cutting out steps) and used the remaining chicken to make chicken salad.  Instead of using mayonnaise like I normally do (Duke's if your curious; I am a Southern girl), I used some Fage Non-Fat Original Greek yogurt.  I mixed in fresh pecans and raisins, too, and it was so good.  Even my husband who normally doesn't eat yogurt by itself liked it.

One of the things I really want to work on and research is healthier eating.  Cleaner eating.  I know the things that fuel my body best and know what makes me sluggish, but it's so much easier to grab a Rice Krispie Treat (I love the pre-made ones) when I want something to eat late at night than it is to pull out something healthy.  I really want some accountability with this, too.  

For me, I'm happy with my size/weight, but I feel like when I put things like Rice Krispie Treats (as delicious as they are), tons of cheese, and other not good for you foods into my body, it really negates all the hard work I put in to stay healthy (and doesn't help my quest to have more defined abs by the summer!).  I think it's easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking I can eat this Rice Krispie Treat/Reese Cup/small bag of chips because I do work out and run so much.  

I've noticed that I'm hungrier now that I used to be which I know is attributed to my increase in exercise (or really my pace in running), but I need to start reaching for healthier options when I need a pick me up.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Do you have any recommendations on books that are good to read about clean eating?


Sarah Tucker said...

I totally have that problem! I always try to keep peanut butter, or something sweet at my desk for when I get a sweet tooth! When I deprive myself I start slacking!

Amanda said...

Alright this may be a dumb question, but what's a burpee? This week is the first week I started really working out, counting calories, watching everything I eat, etc. I'm so excited to get healthy and fit! Also, it's one of my dreams to run a marathon. Have any advice for newbee runners? :)

Jen said...

Well, I'm sure you know I feel the SAME WAY when it comes to eating. I love sweets. LOVE them. I am just having the hardest time cutting them out of my diet and like you, I feel like it's okay to grab a treat when I know I've worked out that day. But the calories add up fast!!! I actually just read a book by Michael Pollan Called "In Defense of Food" and it was perfect. I think some of the "Clean Eating" books I've looked at in the past are a little too hard-core for our family's lifestyle. I know that sounds ridiculous to say...but it's true. What I like about Pollan's work is that he explains that healthy, cleaner is eating is pretty basic and there are only a few rules to follow "Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants". You should check out his website too :-) GREAT JOB on the workouts this weekend honey!! you killed those runs. I just can't comprehend your are like the wind!! Good luck at your first race!!!

Jen said...

I'm now doing the DASH diet. So far so good. It concentrates on fruits and veggies and you eat as little salt as possible.

Dale Srebniak said...

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