The 2013 Theme

At the end of each year, I like to think of things I'd like to accomplish in the new year.  Last year, my one goal was to be better.  I wanted to be a better partner for KT, Anna Belle for our boys, daughter, sister, and friend.  I wanted to be better in my relationship with Christ and work harder at my job.  I wanted to do better with my fitness and become more consistent.  In most of those areas, I did do better, but in some, I did worse.

As I was reflecting on this past year, I thought of all the things that happened in 2012, chiefly, my marriage to KT.  2012 was a big year for us in more ways than one.  In addition to getting engaged and married, we both had changes in our jobs: a great promotion for KT and a new, awesome job for me.  The boys both thrived in school and their activities.  We had one great year.

Looking forward to this year, 2013, there is a three-word phrase I want to use: 

Soak It In.  

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about soaking it in and cutting out some of the busyness in my life.  Writing that post and reflecting over 2012 has caused me to adopt this as my personal theme for the year.

This year, I'd like to:

Soak In Faith
Soak In Relationships
Soak In Fitness
Soak In Fun
What else?

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