Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a Fun Night!

Do you ever have one of those days or nights that causes you to think, "this is the life!"?  We had one of those kinds of nights last night.

When I got home from work (after the first day back in almost two weeks!), I took some already browned hamburger meat out of the freezer and got to work on tacos.  KT and the boys got home a few minutes later and that's when the fun began (and the quiet ended!).

While I finished up dinner, Kevin put together this giant (as in over 6' tall) castle that you can color that the boys got from their cousins for Christmas.  It seemed that a fun night of castle coloring and playing was going to be had after dinner.

The boys ate good (and fast) and were off to start playing in their castle.  They were both the kings, as can be expected, but KT and I got to get in on the fun, too.  K.C. and I ended up outside of the castle; he as a dragon, and I, a witch.

The dragon and the witch decided they'd have much more fun if they started using their Nerf guns.  It turns out that both the dragon and the witch are pretty good shots (just ask my husband the number of times I was able to get him!).

Nerf gun wars then turned into tickle fests which turned into laughs and smiles from us all.

After all the excitement, it was bath time which led to cuddle time and sweet, sleeping babies.  There was even some football watched by my husband and some relaxing by me.

Nights like these are fun and hold a special place in my heart.  I love my husband and our boys, and I'm thankful for fun nights filled with lots of love and laughter.


Amanda Schroeder said...

I love this. Why? Because I was expecting some "We went on vacation" or something super extravagant and when I read that, it made my heart smile. It's days like those that seriously make you thankful for your life. Thanks for the reminder. Because it was definitely something I needed to hear.

amanda @ we and serendipity

Kristin said...

So sweet. That's what life is all about!

Kayla Peveler said...

You all are just so stinking sweet! This makes my heart happy, reading about fun nights at home! :)

Altax said...

Looks like you had great fun. Happy new year.

Kids Games

Jen said...

My boys got a castle like that last year. I agree that it was so much fun! Who knew that getting out markers and just coloring would be so much fun!