Friday's Letters and Confessions {February 15, 2013}


dear kevin: I'm sorry you're sick!  I hope you feel better soon!  Thank you for all my Valentine's gifts.  They were the best!  I love you!  dear boys: I'm so excited about your first soccer game of the season tomorrow morning!  I can't wait to watch you run around.  It will be fun!  Go Lucky Leprechans!  Thank you for the sweet Valentines you made Daddy and me!  We love them and you!  dear mama and daddy: I am in love with the griddle you gave us for Valentine's Day!  Now if only it came with my mom's pancake skills!  
dear kevin: My new running clothes make me want to run even more!  I can't wait to wear them. dear sleep: Will you please stop eluding me?  I don't know why I can't sleep past 2 a.m.  I wake up for an hour or so and then I'm back wide awake at 2.  And I'm not complaining, I'm really not, but I just want to sleep all night long.  dear survivor, Two and a Half Men and White Collar: I really want to catch up on you this weekend!  dear kevin: Let's go see Safe Haven this weekend!  dear bloggers: Thank you for coming back again and again!  I love your comments and e-mails!  dear Lord: Thank you for your grace, and believe me, I've needed it.  Continue to mold me and make me more like You.

This week, I'm confessing that:

I may not have eaten the heart-shaped brownies that I made last night, but I ate enough of the brownie crust that it made up for it.

I may have liked it {very briefly} when I couldn't exercise a few weeks ago because I felt more together in the mornings, but then I've seen how blah I feel with exercise missing.

I really dislike hose.  I can't buy a pair and wear them more than one time without them getting all ripped up. The last pair I bought had a run in it when I opened the package.  And I don't want to spend $3 at TJ Maxx to wear hose only once even if it's only $3.

I made lunch for myself a few days ago and I haven't eaten it yet.  I really don't like sandwiches.

I've been talking about eating clean, but I've yet to come up with some meals.  I'm doing that this weekend and trying some new things.

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