Friday's Letters {February 8, 2013}

dear friday: I'm glad you're here.  I'm looking forward to a weekend without many plans.  dear husband: I'm looking forward to our date tomorrow night!  I love you!  dear boys: I have big plans for us this weekend that may include candy, toys and crafts.  We'll have fun.  I love you!  dear stephanie: I can't believe tonight is your last senior night.  I hope I don't cry.  I love you little one!  dear body: I promise you'll get in a good workout tomorrow.  This week has been crazy with a capital "C" and we haven't gotten in our normal workouts.  dear self: You've gone to sleep entirely too early all week which has resulted in you not getting everything done you'd like to do and made you wake up in a semi-not-good mood every morning.  That is getting fixed pronto!  dear blog bff's and all readers: It's fun getting to know each of you!  If you read this blog, but I don't read yours, please let me know!  I want to read!  dear God: Thank you for answered prayers, Your grace, love and direction.  Matthew 6:33