Guilty Conscience {The One Time I Thought My Husband Was Faking It}

This post is written by a request from my sweet husband.

I felt guilty.  Really guilty.  Then I made a confession.  To my husband.

You see, Kevin has been sick this week. He started feeling bad on Wednesday, but we both thought he had a cold like I had a month or so ago.  I didn't think much of it and gave him some Tylenol Cold and Sinus and carried on with the things that had to be done.  You know those things: cooking dinner, bathing our kids, packing lunches and getting clothes ready for the next day.  

On Thursday, he wasn't feeling much better.  I ran out and picked up some medicine for him, made some breakfast and left to take Kaden to school before going to work.  I checked on him during the day and could tell he wasn't feeling great when I got home Thursday night.  I knew he wasn't himself, but I chalked it up to the whole sick man thing.  {You know exactly what I'm talking about.}  I went ahead and finished our special family Valentine's Meal, we gave the boys their gifts, grandparents and family came to visit to bring Valentine's to our little ones and we exchanged our gifts.

The boys didn't have school Friday and when I left, my three guys were snuggled in our bed watching TV.  Fast forward to lunch and KT called to let me know his dad had the boys because he felt so bad.  At this point, I really thought he was feeling bad.  

Friday night, we had an event we really needed to attend with my job.  We decided to go ahead to it {which I now know wasn't the smartest idea}.  I was really starting to worry that night because my normally smiling, talking and joking husband was as silent as a mouse. 

When we got up Saturday morning, he told me he didn't think he could go to soccer {to coach the boys' first Spring game}, so I called his dad to see if he could fill in.  I decided to go to Walgreens and pick up another medicine and drove through Bojangles to get him some breakfast.  On the way, I called my mom and told her how guilty I felt because I didn't think that he was really that sick and was just doing the whole man thing but that I was really worried now because I thought he had the flu!

When I got home, I went ahead and got ready as I planned to go ahead to the game and then a bridal shower.  About five minutes before I was going to walk out the door, he didn't want me to leave him.  He felt out of it and sounded horrible.

After Googling the flu, I immediately took him go to urgent care.  We both had flu shots, so I didn't think there was a huge chance we'd get it and K.C. had it after Christmas, so I thought if we were to get it, we would've had it by now.  I was wrong.

We waited a few minutes in the lobby of the urgent care and when we were taken back to an examination room, we found out that he had a 103.5 F temperature.  They did a strep test as well as a flu test.  And the flu test was positive.  We left with a prescription for Tamiflu and enough samples of Extra Strength Tylenol to supply a small hospital.  

Kevin slept most of the day Saturday which was great for him.  I used that time to do some cleaning and organizing which I really enjoyed.  And I went to the grocery store where I proceeded to really feel like a grown-up when I bought my first real ham and had the butcher cut it for me!  I made vegetable soup for the first time that night and I'd like to think that helped bring my husband back to life.

It snowed off and on Saturday {something we don't get often in South Carolina}, but by Saturday night, it was actually sticking.  We ran outside and took pictures and then drove around {that's what most of us Southerners do when we get snow} to see the snow.  When Kevin started eating Chick-fil-A nuggets about 11 Saturday night, I knew he was on the mend.

When we woke up yesterday, he was feeling better and I was so thankful.  We played in the snow most of the day {more on that tomorrow} and then went to see Safe Haven.  {If you've read the book, what did you think about the movie adaptation?  The movie was good, but I think I would've liked it better had I not read the book.}

On our way home, we drove through to pick up some dinner and that's when it happened: my confession.  I told Kevin that I felt really guilty because I hadn't really thought he was too sick until Thursday and even then, I didn't think he was really sick until Friday and then I felt horrible when I realized he more than likely had the flu on Saturday.  He told me he had gotten that feeling a few times from me which made us both laugh.

Moral of the Story: When your husband who is not regularly sick says he doesn't feel good, pay closer attention because he could have the flu.  Also make vegetable soup for him and pray it snows because nothing makes him happier than running around in the snow and that's not something we have very often!