I'm The Kinda Girl

I saw this cute post on Whitney's blog and wanted to join in on the fun for myself!

I'm the kinda girl who...

... believes smiling is the perfect cure to anything.

... was made for summertime.  Give me hot sun, a cool breeze and the beach any day.

... always dreamed of being a wife and mother and I'm blessed to have an awesomely amazing husband and the two most precious boys in the world.

... has always wanted a house full of children running around.

... likes to sweat because I know it means I've worked hard.

... bites my nails when I'm nervous / stressed / bored.

... wants to be like Martha Stewart, but knows her limitations.

... prefers classic clothes and J.Crew to the trendier things.

... wants to be better everyday.

... loves to take photos and make photobooks to have memories that I can see.

... loves the Lord with all her heart and yet knows she fails to spend the time she wants to spend with him.

.... dreams of being spontaneous, but knows she's really not.

... plans things.  Everything.

... loves her career, but puts her family first because again, there's nothing she'd rather be than a wife and mom.

... likes to constantly have something to do, but really likes to relax.

... dress up for my husband.

... could eat Chick-fil-A for almost every meal.

... who gets settled in a routine fairly easily.

... who laughs out loud watching TV.

... doesn't want to leave the house without mascara and lipstick.

... who knows she doesn't deserve it, but is accepting of His abundant grace.

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