Our Weekend, Oscar Picks and Some Other Miscellaneous Things

1. We had a great weekend.  Friday night, we celebrated our niece's ninth birthday {Happy Birthday, KK!} at Chuck E. Cheese.  At 7:30 p.m.  And it was fun!  There were so many kids running around and I felt like I needed to take a shower when we got home, but we had fun.  The boys loved playing the games.  KT and K.C. stuck together and Kaden and I did.  He was so cute with his little cup of coins.  They also love air hockey.

2. Saturday was a really productive day for us. I finally finished the wedding scrapbook I've been wanting to put together with our invitation, program and cards, we got some other things done around the house, I had a great workout and we had a fun date night complete with Italian from our favorite local restaurant, frozen yogurt {for me} and a game of Super Mario World.

3. Yesterday was good, too.  I got in a great run after church and last night, my parents and sister came to see us {I really think they just come for the boys!}

4. I attempted to watch the Oscars, but y'all, I just wasn't feeling it last night.  I did, however, like some of the fashion.  My favorites {which surprisingly to me did not include my normal loves of Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner} were:

{Images via Huffington Post}

5. I am pretty excited about all the monogrammed pretties I'm falling in love with for the Spring.  I love that I have a new monogram and I can't wait to have it on things {you know, like shoes, purses, phone cases and pillows}.  Later this week, I'll share my Spring Must Haves.

6. I have a slight addiction for kitchen gadgets.  I picked up a Tiffany Blue Kitchen Aid slotted turner this weekend.  Why I love gadgets, I don't know, but they make me happy.

7.  A few of the women I work with and I are starting a Bible study this week.  I'm pretty excited!  It's amazing to see how God places certain people in your life and I feel so blessed to work with the people I do.

8. I used the griddle my mom gave me for Valentine's Day to make french toast for the first time.  It's great and easy!

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