Random Wednesday {February 6, 2013}

Y'all, I have seriously been thinking about my wedding dress for like a week.  Is it bad that I really want to wear it again?  KT asked me one day if he was going to come home and find me cooking in it.  My bff Kayla and I were talking weddings yesterday and it really made me reminisce.  

While we're on the topic of weddings {I guess that would be me on this topic}, I have also been craving some of our wedding cake.  I tried to convince my husband that we should have some on each monthiversary.  My efforts didn't work.  I may have also considered getting the baker to make us another one for Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately, she's booked.

We still haven't decided which portrait to order for our house.  My mom ordered a more traditional portrait for her house, but we're undecided.  Kevin and I both like the photo of me sitting on the steps {the one I use for the blog} because it feels so me.  What do y'all think?

Final thought on weddings: I already know what I'm getting my husband for our anniversary.  I know it's not until October, but I know he's going to like it!

I got my hair cut and colored yesterday.  There's something relaxing and so good feeling about going to the salon.

Kevin and Kaden caught a snake yesterday.  In our backyard.  And put it in the Critter Cage.

We're currently watching a shark attack on TV {I'm writing this early}.  OCEARCH has really piqued my interest in sharks.  We both grew up spending time at the beach and live near the coast.  I honestly haven't ever been too fearful about sharks, but since we discovered OCEARCH and its shark tracker, you better believe I'll be checking the tracker before I get in the ocean again.  Speaking of, when we were down at the beach during Christmas, my husband was out in the ocean with Mary Lee.  We were joking about it later that night and I looked at the tracker and she had pinged about 10 miles from us.  Scary!

I'm already getting in birthday party mode for the boys.  Kaden's birthday isn't until April and K.C.'s is in July.  They've already decided what kind of birthdays they want to have and I have to say I'm excited about them both.

Have you seen this?  Please tell me you have.  In a meeting yesterday, this commercial somehow came up.  We ended up watching it.  It's real, folks.

I'm ready to make Valentine treat bags with the boys.  Making treat bags is one of my favorite things!

Do you like it when the blogs you like to read post on Facebook?  I have a Facebook account for this blog, but I don't really post on it anymore.  I love that when I get on Facebook, I see when some of my favorite bloggers post though.

Please say a special prayer for my sweet husband tomorrow!

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