Some New Exercises: Health & Fitness Friday {February 22, 2013}

I'm glad to finally be back linking up with Jen for today's Health & Fitness Friday!

After having to take a little time off, it feels great to be back in my regular exercise routine!  

Workouts for the Week
Friday: 5.2 miles
Saturday & Sunday: Off Days - I did run around in the snow both days if that counts!
Monday: 5.65 miles/40:00; ab workout
Tuesday: 2.16/ 15 minutes; upper body, abs, glutes at the gym
Wednesday: 3.1 miles; 200 weighted sit ups, 60 weighted side sit ups, 40 pull ups
Thursday: Upper body, abs, and glutes at the gym
Today: 3.1 miles; 250 weighted sit ups, 60 weighted side sit ups, 50 pull ups

Total Miles: 19.21
Total Workouts: 6

I also had a healthy eating week.  With the exception of Zaxby's one night, Chickfila another and some eggos for breakfast one day, I ate clean all week.  I've also only been drinking water with an occasional {sugarless} coffee.

I've also found a lot of healthy, clean recipes and I'm looking forward to trying them out next week.

With swimsuit season right around the corner, I really want to work on defining my abs more.  While I do a lot of core work, I want to add in some more exercises specifically targeting my abs.  I found this workout from Women's Health Magazine on Pinterest yesterday and plan to start it.  

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

I'm also going to do this one:
Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Have you found any other good workouts to do to make sure you're bikini ready?

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