Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Must Haves

I'm not a fashion blogger, but I love clothes and shoes.  I may even have an If I Was a Fashion Blogger post planned.  :)

With spring, sunshine and warm weather right around the corner, I'm dying for some new pieces for my wardrobe.  And specifically, some monogrammed things.  I'm loving all of these things!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

What's on your list of must haves for this Spring?


Kelly said...

Spring can't get here fast enough!! I bought a couple spring pieces the other day, but I'm trying soo hard to hold out until it gets a little warmer so I can actually wear them.

Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh, these are too cute. I am so ready for spring, but we are supposed to be getting another blast of winter this week. I've been wearing black all week in protest. Found your blog through the link-up. New follower, can't wait to keep reading.

Jen said...

Last summer I bought jcrew shorts for the first time. Boy have I been missing out. They fit me perfect and they do t shrink up like others. I will definitely be adding more pairs this year.

Erica Bodker said...

I have been on a spring fashion pinning session lately and have been posting about it as well. I love all your picks :)