Weekend Wrap Up: The One Where K.C. Drove!

I normally like to recap our weekends on Monday, but didn't get around to it yesterday and this weekend was just too good not to share.

My sweet sister had her last home basketball game ever (she's a senior) on Friday night.  We went to see her senior night and the boys got to watch their first basketball game in person.  They both love basketball and were so excited!

We spent Friday night at my parents and had a really fun day on Saturday.  My parents don't live in town and have a lot of land, so they boys have lots of places to play.  After breakfast, they went with BeBe (what they call my mom) to my grandma's to get her golf cart.  They had so much fun riding around and DRIVING!  As we were walking down a path in the woods, K.C. drove all by himself.  I was his age when I learned to "drive" and it was so cute watching him!

Sweet brothers!

Our precious Kaden!

We ate lunch at grandma's and managed to leave with a Super Nintendo.  

My cousins and I used to love to play Mario on the Nintendo at our grandparents' house.  I know that the boys (and my big boy!) will love playing, too.  Kevin is seriously so excited about it and to tell you the truth, I am, too!

We had a Valentine's Day banquet at our church Saturday night.  Sadly, I don't have any pictures of us from it.  It was really good though.  The dinner benefits youth mission trips and is always fun.  The food was delicious, the entertainment coordinated by my talented sister-in-law and the game was fun.  How many words can you make out of Valentine's Day?  We made about 120 and thought for sure our table won, but another table beat us with like 170 words!

On Sunday, we went to church, ate lunch with our family and took the boys out to play.  We also went to Target to pick up treat bags and things for them for the boys' class.  I'm looking forward to making those with them tonight!

How was your weekend?